“We are extremely happy with our new installation. The can-do attitude of the initial surveyor was refreshing and the work was carried our quickly and efficiently. The equipment is wonderful quality and looks robust – and very attractive too! The playground looks fantastic and the children love it!”




Debbie Davies, St Agnes Day Nursery

Basket Swing

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Product Details

Basket Swing Offering a unique take on the traditional swing, our basket swing is a popular playground equipment choice! Allowing for more than one user… Full Details

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Please note that, due to the introduction of sustainable materials within our products, photos and images of our products may differ slightly from those represented on our website and marketing material. Please contact us to discuss this further if you have any questions.


Basket Swing

Offering a unique take on the traditional swing, our basket swing is a popular playground equipment choice! Allowing for more than one user at a time, our range of basket swing chair options offer a unique and exciting experience for children. Not only will they have endless fun while they play, but they will also have the opportunity to learn about gravity and momentum in one of the most exciting ways possible!

Here at Creative Play, we make it a priority to offer every school and nursery we work with the very best play equipment options, which is certainly the case with our range of basket swing seat choices. Whether you are looking for a basket swing for garden, or a collection of basket swings for your school playground, we have some exciting basket swing options to offer. Our basket swing seats have been used in many schools around the UK.

If you are unsure on which would be exactly the right option for your school or nursery, you can get in touch with our friendly experts who will be able to advise on putting together the ideal playground for your location. We even offer free playground consultations, where one of our team can come out to you and help you plan your dream playground, advising on all of our play equipment options including our basket swings.

The basket swing is also perfect for those children with disabilities or who need additional assistance; the size and design of the basket swing seat was intended to allow them to be accompanied while they play. We are passionate about providing inclusive play options and the basket swing chair selection is a big part of this aim.

The swings that we design and stock here at Creative Play have a natural look that would enhance any play area, or even meet the needs of those who are looking for a basket swing for garden settings. So, if you’d like to discuss how you can get the most from our range of basket swing UK options, get in touch with us by phone or email today, where one of our friendly and expert team members will be happy to speak to you in more detail.


Key Features:

All of our timbers are pressure treated with a chrome-free and arsenic-free preservative which protects against decay and insect attack for 20 years, ensuring durability and lasting quality in any outdoor setting.

All of our basket swing seat and basket swing chair options are designed to meet all of the required UK safety standards, as well as being fitted for free by our expert installation teams to ensure high-quality assembly.

Delivery & installation included in UK mainland orders exceeding a minimum order value  – Please contact us for more information

Technical Details

Free Fall Height (mm) 1500
Minimum Surfacing Area (if required) (m2) 21
Minimum Space Required (width x length) (m) 10.0m x 4.7m
Standards Compliance BS EN 1176
Spare Part Availability 2-4 Weeks
Minimum Required Persons 2

Our Materials

Here at Creative Play, we manufacture our own unique range of playground equipment using a variety of different materials.

We believe that using high quality, durable materials is essential in order to create products that not only meet national safety standards but are built to last.



All timbers are UK Pine, sourced within the UK from FSC approved suppliers and pressure treated with a chrome-free and arsenic free preservative. Round Timbers are 125mm and square timbers are 90mm, cut from the heart of the tree to reduce splitting.

Steel Core Ropes

Steel Core Ropes

Our ropes are polypropylene covered multi-filament (6 strand) steel reinforced 16mm ropes, secured with hydraulically pressed end connections and tamper-proof net joints. Tested safe load of 9000kg.

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) (Playtec)

High spec, co-extruded polyethylene ‘Playtec’ panels. Extremely durable, UV stable ensuring it will not fade in sunshine, it is unaffected by moisture and will not delaminate. Provides structural strength and design aesthetic. Available in Blue, Green, Red and Yellow.

Playtec PCR

Playtec PCR

Coloured HDPE Playtec panels manufactured using a 100% recycled (PCR) core. UV Stable and unaffected by moisture, Playtec-PCR provides structural strength and colourful aesthetics (green, blue, red or yellow) whilst being sustainable

Chains & Fixings

Fastenings are tamper proof or capped with secure plastic tamper proof covers. Galvanised steel fixings are anti-tamper and/or torx type fixings. Designed specifically for strength and outdoor use. All footholds have a slip-resistant surface.



EKOgrip provides a slip resistance material for platforms, floors and footholds. Made from robust, post-consumer recycled (PCR) material with a 2mm thermoplastic elastomer with button structure, Ekogrip provides a durable, sustainable and anti-slip component to improve safety of our playground equipment.

Hexa-Grip Board

Slip-resistant marine ply platforms and footholds are resin impregnated plywood panels coated with a brown phenolic layer, imprinted with a hexagonal pattern, providing slip resistance.

Metal Components

Steel elements are generally zinc primed and powder coated i.e. chin up bars or similar. Some items are galvanised prior to powder coating. All designed with strength, robustness and outdoor use in mind.