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Whatever space you have and type of recreational area you want create, we provide a complete solution service, from design consultation, equipment manufacturing through to installation and maintenance

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Pub playground Equipment


Furnishing pubs with large beer garden and unique, adventurous playground equipment to entertain children is fast becoming popular. While children enjoy playing in the pub garden, adults can continue enjoying their beverages.

Any pub owner with playground equipment is without a doubt, more appealing to families, compared to other pubs without such playground equipment.

Adults will stay in your pub longer and spend more on food and drink in your establishment, if their children are engaged and entertained, in large outdoor pub playground.

We can help you here at Creative Play, by providing fantastic pub playground equipment.  For over 30 years, we have designed and manufactured innovative playground equipment for various facilities, including pubs.

You can trust us to deliver and install excellent playground equipment to keep your customers’ children entertained. Your customers will also appreciate that you provide equipment to help benefit their children’s physical and mental health.



Stay ahead of your competition and ensure your outdoor space is fulfilling for both parents and children. Adding a competitive unique selling point will appeal to your audience and help to increase footfall to your establishment.

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Our Process Step by Step

Here at Creative Play, our team have been designing, manufacturing and installing high-quality playground equipment in a variety of spaces around the UK since 1991.

Customers who have worked with us to develop exciting new outdoor playgrounds and play areas include schools, nurseries, holiday parks, parish councils, pub/restaurants and local authorities.

Here are some of the pub playground equipment that we provide at Creative Play

Adventure Trails for your Outdoor play area

These make a great addition to your pub playground equipment. Adventure trails offer a range of possibilities where children can play and invent various games. Since children love to climb, navigate and balance, they are always attracted to adventure trails.

Your customers’ children will benefit from great fun as well as the development of their coordination, balance and improved social skills, as they interact in the adventure trails.

Jigsaw Towers

We have a range of jigsaw towers that’ll certainly bring fun to children and keep them entertained as adults enjoy their food and drink, in your pub playground. You can talk to us if you desire to include, in your pub garden, a jigsaw tower to entice families. We can then consider your requirements, the available space, footfall, the expected number of users and your budget.

Our specialists can design an amazing jigsaw tower to accommodate many children at once. This will encourage interaction, cooperation and improvement of social skills. Your customers will never find a reason to not visit your pub since it has entertainment for both adults and kids.

Vehicles are Kids Play

Our range of vehicles has very interesting items to keep children entertained. These include mini trains, fire engines, tractors and land rangers, all of which are great at keeping young children engaged whilst their families socialise in the background.

Playhouses & Den Making

To keep your customers’ children entertained, you could purchase our fantastic range of playhouses which will keep the little ones busy in imaginative play. The attractive brickwork, viewing windows and other colourful structures will certainly draw children in.

As adults enjoy their delicious food and drinks, children can act out different scenarios which also improve their creativity and social skills.

Our playhouses will certainly be perfect for your family friendly pub playground equipment collection. You can also include climbing frames, play boats and others.

Beer Garden Seating

Are you looking for fantastic seating options for both kids and adults to add in your pub? Creative Play has excellent options. Our seating range is expertly installed and designed to offer fun, safety and comfort for your customers and their children to enjoy.

Our Seating selection has amazing options ranging from straight to curved benches, some with backrests and others without, some with colourful and artistic designs and others with bold plain appearances. We’re certain you will find the perfect fit for your pub here!

We also have a range of picnic benches, which are perfect for all pub spaces. Looking through our range of picnic benches, you’ll find our standard plain wood picnic benches and our fantastic range of green picnic benches with board game toppers.

The selection of board games we offer with these picnic benches, will keep children engaged as adults enjoy their time in your pub.

We’d be delighted to discuss our seating range in more detail and help you to find the right option of seating and or picnic benches, for your pub, here at Creative Play.

All our playground equipment for pubs with play areas are designed and developed with the consideration of all health and safety standards in mind.

Contact us today to discuss our excellent pub playground equipment range that are manufactured by creative experts, who use only high-quality material for improved functionality and durability.

If you can’t find what you need why not speak to one of our friendly team members

Top Items

Below showcases some of the top items, our customers have chosen as a part of their new playground installations. What would you have in yours?