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Playground Equipment FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right playground equipment or playground safety surfacing can be a bit of a minefield!

Below are some of the most common questions we answer on a daily basis.

Have a read through and by all means give us a call to discuss any further questions you have regarding playground equipment, playground safety surfacing, sports and fitness equipment, British and European Standards, how to choose a playground equipment manufacturer and funding advice.

Which parts of the country do you cover?

Our offices and factory are located in Chester, this is where all of our playground equipment is manufactured. However we have installation teams based throughout the UK. Our playground advisors are also situated throughout the country so we’re never far from you. Contact us if you would like to discuss a free consultation and proposal for your outdoor playground project.
In short – we operate throughout the UK!

Do you offer a free design, consultation and playground equipment design?

Yes! If you are considering a new school playground or playground equipment for a holiday park or visitor attraction, one of our playground advisors will come to see you, assess the area and discuss with you the different types of playground equipment we can offer. The playground advisor will then sit down with our design team and put together a full proposal including 3D design, product specification and quotation for you.

How long will I have to wait for my design and quotation?

This depends on how large the project is and whether you require a full 3D design pack. Simple quotations can be returned with 48 hours if required, however we like to make sure the design is exactly right and a full proposal pack will usually take 2-3 weeks to put together.

Have you installed any playground equipment projects near me?

Creative Play has installed playground equipment in schools, holiday parks, nurseries, parish council parks, pubs and visitor attractions at more than 10,000 locations over the past 20 years. We can usually find an outdoor play area we have installed within 10 miles of you – often much closer.

What sort of safety standards does your playground equipment meet?

All of our playground equipment and outdoor play area installations meet and exceed the requirements of the British and European standards (BSEN 1176 and BSEN 1177). We inspect all of our playground equipment installations after the project is finished and before we hand the play area to you. Our surveyors are all qualified by the RPII (Register of Play Inspectors International).

Can you help with funding?

Creative Play have been able to guide many customers towards the right funding providers and help with funding ideas. In 2012 we also contributed more than £350,000 to our customers projects to ensure the right playground equipment is provided for the right location. If you’d like to talk to us about funding or whether Creative Play UK can contribute to your playground equipment project please call us on 01244 375 627 or click here for downloadable resources to starting your funding process!

How long have you been operating in the playground equipment industry?

Creative Play, in its current form, has been building outdoor play areas since 1994. In that time we’ve installed more than 10,000 playgrounds!! Even before 1994 the company manufactured playground equipment for pubs and breweries so we are one of the longest established businesses in the industry. Not only does this demonstrate our financial stability, but you can be sure that when we say our timber is guaranteed for 20 years, we have been around long enough to test it!

Do I need playground safety surfacing?

This depends on many factors. The general rule of thumb is that a surface with impact absorbent properties should always be provided. In many cases this can simply be well maintained grass (up to a CFH of 1.5m). If the playground equipment is being installed onto a tarmac or other hard surface we would always recommend a playground safety surface is installed. For more information about this topic please speak with one of our experienced playground advisors who will be able to advise you whether safety surfacing is required.

What sort of guarantees do you provide with your playground equipment and installations?

Creative Play uses the highest quality materials and our guarantees are some of the longest in the industry. Crucially you can be assured that we have been around long enough to demonstrate that we can honour these guarantees in the unlikely event that you have any problems. For full details of our guarantees please Click Here

Once I’ve ordered, how long do I have to wait for installation of my playground equipment the begin?

We will always work with you to achieve your desired installation timeline. School playground equipment is often requested for the holiday periods and this can be a very busy time for us. We always operate on a first come first served basis and generally will begin installation within 4 weeks of ordering. If you’re happy to have installation outside of the school holidays then lead times can be much quicker. We manufacture all of our playground equipment ourselves and can therefore dictate the schedule, we don’t have to wait for parts from 3rd parties or outside of the UK. Playground safety surfacing can often be installed within 1 week of order as we do not need to manufacture products. As with any construction based products, installation can be affected by the weather.

How long will my playground installation take?

Again this can depend on many different factors. Generally we will be able to install your playground equipment and playground safety surfacing over 1 – 2 weeks. However larger projects can take longer and smaller projects may be completed in a day or two. Once you have placed your order our installation department will explain the process to you and give you an indication of how long the project will take. Before the project starts, one of our surveyors will visit site and discuss the whole process with you to make sure that there are no surprises! Installation, particularly safety surfacing, can be affected by the weather.

Are your installation staff CRB checked?

Yes, all of our installation teams are CRB checked as soon as they join us.
All the teams are accustomed to working on school sites, pubs, visitor attractions and local authority parks and understand the requirement for the highest levels of Health and Safety as well as conducting themselves in the appropriate manner.

What do I need to do to maintain the playground equipment?

All of our equipment is designed to be long lasting and durable. We do offer an annual maintenance inspection which includes the replacement of any worn, moving parts. Full details of our maintenance packages and after sales service can be found here.

Are there any products suitable for a residential garden?

Yes, our playground equipment can be installed anywhere! However, our products are designed for commercial use to meet BSEN standards, so are much larger (and more expensive) than your typical residential play equipment.

Where can I get hold of a brochure?

You can view and download our full brochure here – . We also have a range of brochures specifically for your sector or specified product range! Of if you would like us to send one in the post, please send your details to – [email protected]

Can you remove my existing play equipment?

Absolutely, we can remove any existing play structure as part of a new playground project. We can cost for the removal and responsible disposal of any playground equipment and surfacing.

What space does your playground equipment need?

Our range of play equipment varies from compact playboards and sensory products, all the way up to huge tower systems and climbing frames. Most of our products including trim trails and tower systems require an Operating Area to meet safety standards. All our product pages contain handy diagrams and dimensions in the Technical Details, or get in touch for further details.

Can I personalise any of the equipment?

There are elements of your project that you can personalise to suit your desired aesthetic. For example, you can choose the colour of the Playtec (brightly coloured panels) to coordinate with your

school uniforms, or even add your school crest or company logo. This isn’t limited to Playtec panels, you can create this effect with inlaid surfacing designs and colours. In addition to this we have a completely modular Tower System range. With our Jigsaw towers you can be in the design seat and create your very own tower system from scratch to meet your exact needs. There are plenty of ways to personalise your play area to be completely unique!

Do you have any equipment suitable for Key Stage 3/4 and adults?

Many of our sports products are designed to meet the needs of teenagers and adults, this includes our metal and timber outdoor gym equipment, Multi-use Games Areas, goal ends and sports panels. We also have a large range of outdoor classrooms, shelters and seating for all ages!

Why should I choose timber equipment?

There are lots of benefits of timber playground equipment, here are a few:

  • AestheticsTimber is more suited to projects in rural settings because the natural/rustic look of timber would complement the surrounding area, as opposed to brightly painted metal equipment.
  • User friendlyTimber is warm to touch, unlike like the cold touch of metal equipment on a winter’s day! On the flip side, timber won’t get too hot to touch in the summer.
  • SustainableOur timber is coursed from FSC approved suppliers from the UK, which means that our timbers are grown locally, ethically, and sustainably.
  • Low maintenanceA timber structure requires less maintenance than the metal alternative, with no need reapply powder coating to prevent corrosion.
  • Durability We can offer a 20-year guarantee against rot and infestation due to our timbers being pressure treated with a chrome and arsenic free preservative. In comparison to metal equipment, which is liable to rust and corrosion, timber offers considerably better lifecycle costs.

How does your online shop work?

We’ve made it quick and easy to shop and order our free-standing equipment online! Simply browse

the free-standing products in our shop, add items to your basket, enter your details to place your order and we’ll take care of the rest! Find out more here –