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Our solid experience of working within the leisure industry has enabled us to provide safe, long-lasting and exciting playgrounds for many commercial businesses; it is a great way of attracting more customers and improving visitor experience whilst adding value to your business.

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Our visitor attraction playground options

Whatever space you have and type of recreational area you want create, we provide a complete solution service, from design consultation, equipment manufacturing through to installation and maintenance.

Creative Play has years of experience working with many organisations and companies in the leisure industry. We also have vast experience when it comes to designing and creating fantastic playground equipment, for all settings including visitor attraction areas.

This solid experience we have acquired, enables us to supply safe, durable and exciting playground equipment. All our equipment is ideal for commercial businesses as they completely transform how visitors see your attraction.

If you are looking for a creative way to improve your customers’ experience, we have playground equipment that your customers will always find interesting and full of fun. This is the way to attract more customers and retain them, therefore add value to your business.

Our selection of playground equipment for visitor attractions can be a great addition to your establishment. We will help you transform your onsite playground to ensure it keeps your visitors satisfied.

We have specialists with the experience to help you elevate the stay of your long or short stay visitors. Our experts will provide play equipment that’ll show that you care for your customers, existing, new and potential.

With playground equipment that caters for all members of the family, any piece of equipment you purchase from us, will be worthwhile and add value to your establishment. It will serve as a competitive and unique selling point that appeals to your audience, increasing the traffic to your facility.

Whatever space you have, as well as the type of play space you have, our specialists at Creative Play are confident they’ll transform your recreational area.

Commercial Playground Equipment
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Our Process Step by Step

Here at Creative Play, our team have been designing, manufacturing and installing high-quality playground equipment in a variety of spaces around the UK since 1991.

Customers who have worked with us to develop exciting new outdoor playgrounds and play areas include schools, nurseries, holiday parks, parish councils, pub/restaurants and local authorities.

Some of the amazing playground equipment we provide for visitor attractions include:

Spring Riders

Our collection of spring riders are available in various animal and object forms, designed to entertain children, in any visitor attraction facility. We have rabbit, dog, horse, dragon, duck, seal, car, aeroplane and motorbike spring riders, that’ll be a unique addition to your establishment play area.

These will keep the children entertained and help them understand their world, by recognising various colours and objects. They also facilitate the development of several motor skills.

Jigsaw Towers

Jigsaw towers have always won the hearts of both parents and children. This is because they provide one of the best play environments. Children will enjoy climbing, exploring and sliding in jigsaw towers. You can request our specialists to create an innovative slide or rung ladder addition to a jigsaw tower that we design for you. This will have a positive effect on how children play in your visitor attraction establishment.

Boats and Ships

We have a range of fantastic looking boats and ships that foster children’s imagination by keeping them entertained and engaged for hours, whilst customers spend money in your establishment.

Our boats and ships will help improve children’s learning, cognitive development, social skills and creativity, which many parents want. These are perfect play equipment pieces for visitor attractions.

Activity Centres

We have an excellent collection of Activity Centres which are perfect for visitor attractions. This unique range of playground equipment, allows you to combine the qualities of a climbing frame, a slide and a range of other interesting play features, to create an all in one playground Activity Centre.

Our Activity Centres are designed to Keep children entertained and engaged in any visitor attraction establishment. Kids will enjoy the playground equipment and at the same time, participate in crucial physical activity that will give them a chance to learn a range of new skills, developed through play.

Unlike other play equipment, our Activity Centres provide a range of different play experiences, making these an historic favourite with children, in visitor attraction play spaces.

Contact us today for ideal playground equipment for visitor attractions. From the moment you talk to us, we’ll listen to your requirements, offer design ideas and provide consultations, to ensure whatever equipment we manufacture and install appeals to your objective of enticing visitors to your establishment.

The benefits of a Visitor Attraction playground

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Adding a play area to your business demonstrates to your existing and potential customers that you cater for families, enabling you to reach a wider audience.

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Stay ahead of your competition and ensure your outdoor space is fulfilling for both parents and children. Adding a competitive unique selling point will appeal to your audience and help to increase footfall to your establishment.

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With your own play area, you are guaranteed to be offering families a great way to keep children entertained and active at the same time! A play area offers many benefits for both parents and children… relaxation and enjoyment!

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Installation of a play area with a combination of all the other points mentioned means that you can relax safe in the knowledge that you have met your customers’ expectations, giving you great reviews and most importantly, ensuring they will return over and over again!

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Top Items

Below showcases some of the top items, our customers have chosen as a part of their new playground installations. What would you have in yours?