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Playground Equipment For Holiday Parks

We have, in the past 30 years, been designing and creating fantastic playground equipment for children of all ages. These we supply to holiday parks, schools and other playgrounds where kids can play.

Our experience, coupled with the skill of our specialists, allows us to create a bespoke playground to suit holiday parks outdoor play. So if you are looking to transform a holiday park into a paradise that will always invite kids to play, we can help.

Some of the innovative playground equipment for holiday parks we design, create and supply include:

Adventure trails and activity trails

Our adventure trails and activity trails allow outdoor play which is full of fun for all children in a holiday park. 

Children always love to climb, balance and navigate. Our fantastic range of adventure trails and activity trails are made to facilitate development in children, aiding their balance and coordination, agility, gross motor skills as well as confidence.

Jigsaw Towers

We have a variety of amazing jigsaw towers that’ll completely change how children play, in any particular holiday park. You can always talk to us about unique designs to stimulate curiosity in children, by encouraging them to explore the jigsaw towers. Each jigsaw tower we design, create and install, offers the highest level of quality, visual style, safety and durability.

Sand and water play equipment

To facilitate sensory play in and around holiday parks, we provide expertly chosen sand and water play equipment. Kids will reap many benefits from the sand and water playground equipment we offer.


Swings have always been common playground equipment for holiday parks. Over the years we have created various types and designs of swings. We will deliver high-quality, safe and durable swings, for holiday parks, to provide fun for kids.


Seesaws too have always been popular in holiday parks and all areas that facilitate leisure activities. We have an interesting range of seesaws available, that’ll be fun for all children in a holiday park.

Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAs)

MUGAs have become increasingly popular in holiday parks due to the enormous range of benefits from various games they allow. With a Multi-Use Games Area, you can facilitate between 15 to 20 different sports activities in a holiday park. Our specialists can install a MUGA that’ll completely change how children play in any area.

Activity Centres

Another excellent range of playground equipment for holiday parks is our Creative Play Activity Centres. These are fantastic equipment pieces with a range of play features to allow endless play activities. 

Our Activity Centres will allow you to keep children entertained and engaged in useful, active play. 

We design these high-quality playground equipment options to ensure development of a number of motor and social skills in children as they play. 

Please feel free to talk to us about your requirements for Activity Centres in holiday parks settings. We’d love to help you transform and improve the play spaces.

Jungle climbers and climbing frames

Jungle climbers and climbing frames are also an excellent addition to any holiday park. Children will reap a range of benefits from these, including fostering and improving balance, agility, gross motor skills as well as confidence, perseverance and problem-solving.

For every piece of equipment we bring to a holiday park, we guarantee its quality. We only use high-quality materials in the construction of playground equipment. 

Our playground equipment for holiday parks is made to last longer and allow great playing thanks to their design and quality.

Our experts also offer free installation services, to ensure safety and durability.

Feel free to use our contact us page for excellent holiday park playground equipment.

Our holiday park playground options

Whether you’re looking for a play tower system, swings, roundabouts, slides, or all of the above, we can find the ideal options for you. We’ll help you ensure that the children who use your new outdoor play space really get that ‘WOW’ factor!

We’re experienced working across a variety of requirements with regards to available budget and space, so we can work with your team to get the perfect equipment for your location.









The benefits of a holiday park playground

It offers a unique selling point

Competitors may not have a play area, or at least not an exciting, colourful custom playground!

It offers a unique selling point

A quality play area is a key partner of signalling to families of all ages and sizes that you are child-friendly and will offer plenty to occupy the kids!

Keep children entertained and active

Take the stress off families looking for something healthy for their children to do…

Build up your reputation

Meet your customers expectations and ensure return business and tick those ‘Trust Pilot’ boxes’

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