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Our Parish Council Playgrounds Options

We offer a range of timber play equipment that is durable and robust, therefore ensuring all our products are long-lasting. We have a wide-range of products that will suit any space and budget.

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Playground Equipment for Local Authorities 

Creative Play is well-established with the majority of local authorities across the UK. For years we have worked with many of them, designing, supplying and delivering high-quality playground equipment options, for local authority play areas.

Our playground equipment is expertly designed and made from strong materials such as steel and timber, to produce a piece of robust and durable equipment, that’ll withstand extensive rigorous use.

For any local authorities looking to include a custom playground in their area, we provide personalised designs of various playground equipment. Our experts also provide free installation services to ensure safety for children and the durability of the equipment.

Talk to us about your budget, prospects and requirements of local authority playground equipment piece(s) and we’ll be able to deliver ideal options.

Town Councils

We know playground equipment can be a significant investment for any town council, which is why we offer a range of playground solutions to suit a variety of budgets. Our playground equipment includes many different elements including Climbing structures, Swings, Seesaws, Spring riders, Aerial runways and MUGA’s.

Our equipment is of a high quality, and we work with customers to ensure they receive playground equipment that fits their specific needs.

We know how important a playground is for a town, and our playground solutions are aimed at improving the lives of everyone who uses them, by encouraging healthy play and exploration. With playground equipment and playground games, we can help to improve children’s physical and social skills too.

Community Groups

Playground equipment is vital in providing children with an environment that stimulates their development and growth; teaching them new skills, encouraging physical activity and allowing them to socialise with others.

Community groups find playgrounds the perfect option for promoting community spirit, health and wellbeing, engagement between young people, local sports teams and more. Community groups on a budget and with limited resources can find playground equipment a costly investment. However, playground equipment doesn’t need to be an expensive option and many community groups can find quality playground equipment at a cost-effective price, here at Creative Play.

When choosing playground equipment for your community group, it’s important to consider who will be using it (e.g. young children, toddlers, teenagers). We offer playground equipment that is durable, long lasting and of the highest quality, for children of all ages to use in their local community.

Parish Councils

We also provide a range of high-quality playground equipment options for parish councils across Great Britain. Our playground equipment includes pieces such as Jigsaw Towers, MUGAs, Jungle Climbers and more; each available in multiple colour schemes to fit your requirements.  We also design playground structures for specific user groups and spaces, meaning we can create bespoke play areas that reflect local needs.

For any local authority or parish council looking to include a custom playground in their area, we provide personalised designs of various playground equipment. Our experts also provide free installation services to ensure safety for children and the durability of the equipment.

Talk to us about your budget, prospects and requirements of a local authority or parish council playground equipment piece(s) and we’ll be able to deliver ideal options.

Some of the playground equipment for Local Authorities we have at Creative Play include:

Jigsaw Towers

Created in 2016 as a new innovative fully modular product, Creative Play has been designing and manufacturing excellent jigsaw towers that are perfect for local authorities and parish councils. Our fantastic jigsaw towers come with a great combination of play opportunities and are made with the highest level of quality, visual style, durability and safety of children in mind.

Feel free to talk to our experts about your space, expected number and age of users and your budget, and we’ll design and create a fantastic jigsaw tower that children of all ages will enjoy playing in.


Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAs) offer endless possibilities of use. These are ideal to include in play areas for local authorities and parish councils looking to utilise space for many types of games. The versatility of MUGAs allows you to facilitate around 15 to 20 different sporting activities, which has made them extremely popular within our playground equipment range.

If you are looking to entertain and keep young people active in your area, you can rely on us to supply and install one of the best MUGAs, to promote a range of sports activities. We provide high-quality MUGAs of multiple sizes, to accommodate the requirements of any local authority or parish council.

Jungle Climbers

Our in-house team of designers will get creative and beautifully craft a range of amazing jungle climbers with robust stylish timber, and include net and or slide additions. These are great for incorporating in play areas for local authorities and parish councils.

To help promote a range of physical benefits to children in an area allowing them to gain balance, agility, coordination and an array of motor skills, you can trust Creative Play to deliver jungle climbers with excellent features. Children who use this playground equipment will acquire confidence, problem-solving skills and perseverance abilities, as they play and interact with other children.

We’d love to talk to you about the available space, requirements, design and budget for a jungle climber to be installed in your local authority or parish council.

Our personable specialists will listen to you to understand your requirements, therefore, deliver perfect playground equipment that will bring communities together.

If you can’t find what you need why not speak to one of our friendly team members


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The installation of a play area demonstrates that you are a welcoming, close-knit community and care about the children growing up in the local area. Adding a play area promotes communication and builds relationships between residents.

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Adding a play area to your town demonstrates to prospective residents that you welcome families, children, and adults of all ages.

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Play areas are not just for children, they can be beneficial to all ages! Outdoor gyms increase fitness levels in adults and team sports facilities can promote a sense of community spirit. Children and teens who keep active are more likely to live a happier lifestyle later in life, helping to help manage weight, improve physical health, and reduce the risks of anxiety and depression.

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Take the stress off families looking for something active for their children to do, a quality play area is an essential family day out! Having active and healthy children promotes a happy and healthy community.

Top Items

Below showcases some of the top items, our customers have chosen as a part of their new playground installations. What would you have in yours?