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About Our Playground Surfacing & Flooring

Creative Play is a leading provider of high-quality playground surfacing for the UK. We also specialise in designing and building dynamic playground equipment for children of all ages. We offer a wide variety of playground safety surfacing for your outdoor play area, with something to suit every purpose and location.

For over 25 years, Creative Play has been carrying out projects across the UK and providing services to a diverse range of schools, parks and local councils, as well as many individual homes and businesses. Our team will listen to your specific needs and requirements in order to help you find the ideal playground surfacing for your facility.

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How do we ensure the quality of our playground surfacing?

Choosing the appropriate playground safety surfacing can be a daunting task. Playground surfacing forms an integral part of any playground development and, depending on the existing site and type of playground equipment to be used, is essential to meet the requirements of BSEN 1176 and 1177 safety standards. Our playground experts can explain the benefits of each type of surface and discuss your technical requirements.

Each of our playground surfacing options has been designed in-house and provides safety for a wide range of playground outdoor equipment, with a focus on minimising the risk of injury by offering unique impact-absorbing qualities. Our surfacing is ideal for use by young children, which is why it has become so popular in nurseries, playgrounds and schools around the country. As well as this, our flooring options are all completely weather-proof, which allows for effective draining to take place. Our team of experts are happy to chat with you and advise you on choosing the best design for your venue.

How do you know which playground surfacing option is best for you?

If you already know what you’re looking for in terms of playground safety surfacing, then you can browse through a number of high-quality playground surfaces and select the one that best matches according to desired properties and performance. Creative Play are able to transform even the dullest of spaces into a fascinating utopia of play.

Whilst this happens predominantly through the playground equipment itself, one thing that cannot be overlooked is the ability for playground flooring to add to the enjoyment and engagement of play space. Choosing the right playground flooring to go with your playground equipment can not only provide a fantastic accompaniment to the surroundings but can actually help children to enjoy their playtime more.

Here at Creative Play, we offer a wide selection of playground surfaces, which are available in a number of vibrant colours and designs. The four main types of playground safety surfacing that we offer include Wetpour rubber surfacing, resin bound rubber mulch, artificial grass and Playsafe synthetic surfacing. If you want to make your venue really stand out, then why not go for our bespoke playground surfacing design option? Our design experts allow you to have any image, phrase or logo included in your playground safety surfacing.

Which playground surfacing styles do we offer?

Your designs can also be turned into thermoplastic playground markings to brighten up dreary concrete. We’re able to create markings to facilitate sports matches, or classic playground games such as hopscotch. Many schools and nurseries even opt for educational designs which involve letters or number grids in order to facilitate learning in a way that’s fun and enjoyable for children. Here at Creative Play, we believe that active and imaginative play is one of the best ways for children to develop and learn about the world around them.

We’re able to create playground surfacing designs that spur children’s creativity, from animals to mazes to pretend roadways; we have everything you could want. We’re experts in play and know how to keep children entertained for hours on end. Creative Play believes that children deserve the safest possible environment where they can play. Children’s safety is always our top priority when constructing and installing playground items. This consideration goes into each and every playground flooring option we install, ensuring that our playground safety surfacing provides a basis for safe play for many years.

How safe is our playground surfacing?

All of our playground surfacing options are ‘Critical Fall Height certified’ and have been fully tested to the appropriate British and European safety standards. If a child at your facility was to fall from a piece of playground equipment, then their impact would be cushioned, ultimately minimising the risk of any serious injuries. Our playground markings are all non-toxic and they’re given a non-slip coating to minimise the risk of injury in all weather conditions. We want you to be sure that the children at your venue are in the best possible care.

We operate with full integrity regarding the products we sell and the services we deliver. We offer free delivery services nationwide, so wherever you are based, one of our installation teams around the country can visit and install your dream playground. This includes everything from the simplest of surface markings and slides, to the more complex structures, such as the pirate ships we have on offer. All of our playground surfacing options are made with real quality as they’re constructed from the very best materials currently on offer.

How durable are our playground flooring options?

Our playground markings are all non-toxic and fully pigmented to ensure longevity. Whatever surfacing you opt for, you can be sure that it will still look and function like new, even after years of sustained use. Our playground surfacing has been made fully weather-proof, so you won’t have to worry about the natural elements rapidly taking effect. All of our surfaces are designed to be porous and fast draining, which means that your venue is protected against flooding. Our playground surfaces also come with a number of warranties meaning that in the unlikely event of a repair being needed, it will be undertaken by our team of experts at Creative Play.

Our playground safety surfacing options need little maintenance, other than keeping them clean of leaves and litter. Pressure washing can be used to remove any debris and dirt, and you should always keep the area free from paint and solvents, as they’ll remove paint and colouring. Creative Play designs all of our playground equipment and surfacing with a desire to promote inclusion among children and young people. Our fully inclusive playground ranges can be used by children of all ages, ability levels and backgrounds.


How to find your perfect playground surfacing fit?

Take a look through our past projects, and you’ll find something to suit every hobby and interest. Children at your facility will have the time of their lives using our playground equipment, and you’ll discover the power that learning through play can have. Our playground surfacing is ideal for use by children with a variety of needs, which is why we’ve provided playground safety surfacing to so many schools, nurseries and local council facilities up and down the country. We believe in offering safe, fun and educational play, with our playground flooring options a key part of this alongside the play equipment options themselves.

Our expert team at Creative Play will always listen to your specific requests when it comes to designing your playground surfacing. We can advise you on choosing a design that specifically caters to wheelchair users or children with additional sensory requirements. Nothing should hold children back from taking part in active outdoor play, and we can help you to build a facility that fits their needs perfectly.

If you want to build a play space that facilitates learning for children with a number of special educational needs, then we can advise you on choosing designs that involve numbers, letters or time. These options can be put in place so that they’re able to develop their cognitive abilities and have fun learning new skills as they play with their friends, all the while being supported by playground safety surfacing that protects them as they learn a range of new motor skills.

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How does our playground surfacing help children?

Our playground equipment and playground surfacing has been used an effective educational aid for children and young people in a variety of settings. We’re able to turn learning into a fun, hands-on venture that children want to enjoy again and again. For this reason, teachers and learning experts around the country have praised our approach to learning and successfully used Creative Play’s playground equipment and surfacing as an alternative method of learning. It has been shown that regular outdoor play is a fantastic aid for children’s cognitive development. As children play in a more active way, we see positive effects inside and outside of the classroom.

They’ll be inspired to face new challenges and develop a new sense of inquisitiveness which means that their problem-solving skills will improve greatly. Taking part in active play on a regular basis can also help to sharpen children’s memories, increase their attention span and help them with language acquisition as they are prompted to broaden their descriptive vocabularies. In recent years, children’s leisure time has become less of an active outdoor pursuit, while their time is increasingly taken up by televisions, mobile phones and computer games. All of the playground equipment and playground flooring options we produce are built to combat this trend.

Schools, parents, doctors and government officials have all pointed to the negative effects of this worrying trend, which include poor mental health among children and young people, an inability to focus in the classroom, obesity, poor physical health, and lack of knowledge about the natural world. Creative Play wants to help children to learn the joy of active outdoor play from an early age. By providing them with a form of play that’s both mentally and physically stimulating, we hope to promote a more active lifestyle among children and young people in the long run. By participating in physical activity with tools such as playground sports surfacing as often as possible, children will be encouraged to keep fit and make use of all of their senses as they learn through play.

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Are there any additional benefits to playground flooring?

Taking part in regular hands-on play is the best way to equip children with a number of valuable social skills. Our playground sports surfacing is designed to facilitate games and activities that encourage teamwork. Children at your facility will learn to share, interact and co-operate with one another as they come up with solutions to any potential challenges. In fact, your young people will have so much fun that they don’t even realise that they’re learning! Even the shyest members of the group can be encouraged to speak up, as dynamic outdoor playground items are a great way to teach young children at your school or nursery about the value of sharing.

If you want to build a safe and engaging environment for children to develop a sense of independence, then Creative Play can provide you with the perfect playground equipment and surfacing. We can help you to piece together a unique play area that children at your facility will absolutely love. Creative Play are specialists in playground surfacing, and we’ve provided a host of imaginative and bespoke designs to our clients around the country.

Our surfacing can be used on its own to brighten up a plain field or schoolyard, or you can use it to complement an existing playground if you’ve already purchased some of our dynamic playground equipment. By partnering with us, you can be sure that your venue is going to offer the very best to the children who play there. We’ve combined fun, engaging play with effective educational support to offer something really unique. As our outdoor play equipment connects with young people, we’re delighted to see the impact that it’s having.

How do I move forward with finding my playground surfacing?

Should you be in need of any advice when it comes to picking out playground surfacing to meet the specific needs of children at your venue, then our skilled team are at hand to help you. At your initial consultation meeting, we’ll get to grips with your project aims and discuss all of our possible surfacing options with you. If you’d like to have a look at some of our past projects and get an idea of what your venue could look like with new playground surfacing from Creative Play, then you can take a look through our case study pages, which will provide you with plenty of inspiration. On our site, you can browse through a number of playground surfaces including Wetpour rubber surfacing, resin-bound rubber mulch, Playsafe synthetic surfacing and artificial grass. This isn’t to be confused with playground markings, as these are usually paint-based.

You’ll find information on the different properties and performance offered by each one, as well as guidelines on their maintenance. Whatever type of playground safety surface you have in mind, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for within our vast collections. Our team can work with you to put together the perfect adventure playground that will withstand years of fun. As well as creating dynamic playground equipment and surfacing, Creative Play also provides high-quality sports equipment to our clients. We’ll help you to create a multifunctional space that lacks nothing. Within our collections, you can find everything from football targets to basketball hoops, as well as a number of outdoor fitness pieces.

We understand that sometimes budgets can be tight when it comes to putting together a playground, particularly at many schools and nurseries. With this in mind, we offer a free consultation to interested parties, coming to visit you on-site, offering detailed knowledge on all products within our brochure and discussing the level of safety offered by our playground services and the specific costs for each. A full proposal will be sent out to you within 2-3 weeks of this meeting and we can get the ball rolling from there. When it comes to setting out the design for your bespoke playground surfacing, there is no area that is beyond our expertise.

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No matter what project aims you have in mind, our skilled team of expert playground designers are at hand to help you find the best playground surfacing option for your play area. To find out how we can help you get the most for your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone on 01244 375627, or get in touch by email on [email protected] Alternatively, you can use our website to book a playground consultation right away or select a more ideal time to receive a call from us.

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