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Our park playground options

Whether you’re looking for a play tower system, swings, roundabouts, slides, or all of the above, we can find the ideal options for you. We’ll help you ensure that the children who use your new outdoor play space really get that ‘WOW’ factor!

We’re experienced working across a variety of requirements with regards to available budget and space, so we can work with your team to get the perfect equipment for your location.









Playground Equipment For EYFS

Creative Play, designs, creates and supplies some of the best playground equipment, that greatly suits the (Early Years Foundation Stage) EYFS programme. 

As per the programme, all pupils in the Early Years must follow education in seven areas. These are divided into two areas:

Prime areas include;

  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Specific areas are;

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive Arts and Design

Our highly experienced specialists understand these requirements and design very innovative playground equipment for EYFS. These go a long way in providing excellent play for kids and helping them achieve their educational goals.

Some playground equipment for EYFS we provide at Creative Play include:

Sand and Water play Equipment

Our sensory playground equipment includes fantastic sand and water play equipment. These are well designed to help children in the EYFS. To support the requirements of EYFS, these water and sand play items we have, facilitate cognitive development, fine and motor skills development as well as language development and social skills.

Planters & Growing

We also have sensory play school planters and growing items that encourage and allow children to grow vegetables as part of a class project, or flowers as a decorative feature. These, together with other educational items such as miniature gardens, bug hotels and squirrel feeders, are excellent for children in the EYFS.

Music & Sensory Playboards

Our collection of sensory playground equipment is extensive. The music and sensory playboards provide fun and educational benefits, required by the EYFS programme.

All our sensory playground equipment helps your children to understand the world around them, develop and improve their language and communication, as well as their social skills.

Jigsaw towers

Our jigsaw towers come in interesting styles that encourage children to engage in physical play and interact with others, as they play through the well-crafted designs. As they climb the towers, they have the ability to improve their physical development.

Dens and Playhouses

We have excellent dens and playhouses to help children’s imagination and improve creativity. These provide an ideal play environment where children can role-play in endless possibilities of imagination. 

Our dens and playhouses are available in amazing and stunning colours, to elevate the interaction and concentration of EYFS kids.

To enhance the installation of expressive arts and design skills in children, the dens and playhouses provide excellent chances, which children can use to create their own dens and playhouses, improving their artistic skills.

We also have different ranges of playground equipment effective in improving literacy, mathematics in children in EYFS. These are;

  • Characters and Objects
  • Shapes & Prints
  • Educational
  • Board Games
  • Storytelling Equipment

All these are well designed and selected by our highly experienced experts, to ensure they are beneficial to all children in EYFS.

Contact us today for information about our excellent range of playground equipment for EYFS.



Outdoor play promotes a variety of health benefits without children knowing they are keeping fit & healthy! A playground can offer many key health benefits such as increased levels of cardiovascular fitness and muscular performance and endurance.


Our playgrounds are designed to promote muscle activity, cognitive and social skills in children. Key areas are encouraging the children to communicate naturally during role play, using their muscles to climb the apparatus, think, judge and problem solve how they will manoeuvre around the adventure play areas etc.


Children who are active are more likely to live a healthier lifestyle as it can help control weight, build strong bones and muscles, reduce signs of anxiety/depression and also reduce the risk of heart disease.


Our equipment is designed specifically to assist with this important development and to allow children to explore their physical, psychological and social abilities.

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