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Creative Play specialises in designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke playground equipment for children of all ages in a variety of settings. We’ve been in the industry for over 30 years and during this time, we’ve provided playground equipment to all manner of clients; from local schools and councils to parks, children’s charities and hospitality venues. Whatever your location, Creative Play can work with you to provide outdoor playground equipment options that transform it into a paradise of play where children can relax and enjoy learning and having fun outdoors with their friends.

Our Range

Our journey with outdoor playground equipment

Here at Creative Play, we want to bring a fun hands-on approach to early years learning. We believe that exploration is an essential part of being a child, which is why all of our play pieces such as Play Towers, Trim Trails, Sensory Play Equipment and Outdoor Sports Equipment to name but a few, are designed to provide a challenging and stimulating play experience. Within our ranges, you’ll find a vast collection of outdoor playground equipment. There’s something to suit children of every age and interest. If you’re looking for something vibrant and dynamic, then you’ve come to the right place.

The outdoor play equipment that Creative Play supplies can’t be found anywhere else. We’re experts in play and our items can keep children entertained for hours on end. Children and young people deserve the safest possible space in which to foster their curiosity. Here at Creative Play, children’s safety is our number one priority.

How do we ensure the quality of our playground equipment?

Every piece of playground equipment that we construct is fully tested to the appropriate British and European safety standards. When you partner with Creative Play, you can be sure with our range of children’s playground equipment, the children at your venue are in safe hands. We provide the best possible environment for little ones to enjoy themselves outdoors and develop a sense of adventure as they play independently or with their friends.

We are always excited to see the positive impact that quality commercial and school outdoor playground equipment can have on a child’s ability to learn through play. With this in mind, we ensure that all of the children’s outdoor playground equipment that we design and create is tailored to help children learn through play. We ensure that all of our outdoor play equipment is able to offer both a fun environment and wish to play, but also a place in which children can learn a range of motor skills and grow their confidence in themselves and their ability.

One of the best things about all of the playground items in our children’s outdoor playground equipment range is that they’re designed to promote inclusion and participation. Children of all ages, ability levels, and backgrounds can gain a lot of benefits from using our inclusive custom playground equipment. This makes our numerous playground ranges ideal for use in schools and public spaces up and down the country, allowing children of all backgrounds to play and learn together.

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How to personalise your playground equipment

Should any of the children who attend your school or venue have specific requirements when it comes to designing the children’s playground equipment for your space, we’ll be more than happy to listen to your requests and put together outdoor playground equipment that fits their needs perfectly. This could include playground equipment that specifically caters to children with sensory disorders or a wheelchair-friendly space. We are passionate about allowing our children’s playground equipment to be used by children of all backgrounds wherever possible.

Creative Play has built a reputation for the exceptional quality of our school playground items, and a lot of work goes into producing such a high standard of equipment. Our playground equipment is all designed and crafted in-house at our own workshops. From the largest pieces of playground equipment to the smallest items within our ranges, everything that’s available for purchase has received a great deal of thought during its design process. This is to ensure every one of our items provides real benefits to the children and young people who use them.

Our playground equipment installation options

In order to ensure that your playground equipment is fitted properly and safely, Creative Play offers free installation services. We have several installation teams located around the country, teams who are able to visit your location and set your playground up in a way that compliments the size and purpose of your outdoor area. Anyone looking across our range of children’s playground equipment will also be glad to know that our outdoor play items require little maintenance once they’ve been installed.

The timber that we use for the construction of our school play equipment has been chosen for its excellent quality and durability. All of the larger playground pieces across our children’s outdoor playground equipment selection are treated to protect against weather damage and erosion. Whatever you opt for, you can be sure that your playground equipment is strong enough to withstand many years of active play and provide your children with endless fun and enjoyment. Selecting children’s playground equipment that is fun to play with, safe to use, and offers lasting quality is the ideal combination for any school, nursery, or park.

Creative Play also offers a number of guarantees to ensure that your play area remains in top condition once your equipment has been installed. These range from a 1-year guarantee against faulty workmanship and materials, to 5-year structural integrity, 10-years for fixtures and fastening, and a whopping 20-years for timber uprights! It’s not enough for us to just deliver your outdoor playground equipment and leave you to it, we want to develop long-standing relationships with our clients, built around trust and honesty. Our guarantees reflect this and should put your mind at ease when you order, as well as our optional ongoing inspection and maintenance services.

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What budget do you need for a custom playground?

Since Creative Play was first founded in Chester over 25 years ago, we’ve steadily grown to become a nationwide service. We now work to provide play items to hundreds of different schools, local councils, and individual businesses around the country each year. We’ve catered to an array of budgets and location types and sizes.

This range of flexibility in terms of kid’s outdoor play equipment allows you to put together the ideal kids’ playground design and ensure that the young people who use your play environment will enjoy countless hours of fun and learning. As we’ve mentioned above, we can cater to your exact needs in terms of your overall kids’ playground preferences and put together the ideal combination of kid’s outdoor play equipment and surfacing. From design to production to installation, you will benefit from the skill and experience of our expert team.

Such wide-ranging experience means that there is no type of playground design beyond our expertise. Should you have any questions for us regarding installing our children’s outdoor playground equipment in your own location, then why not take advantage of a free playground consultation with us? Wherever you’re located in the UK, our team can make a visit to discuss the specifics of your ideal play area, and help you set out the details in the initial planning stages.

What makes our playground equipment range the ideal choice?

It is our combination of experience, expertise, flexibility, and value that has made us one of the most popular options for schools looking to add quality outdoor playground equipment to their outdoor playground setting. As one of the leading outdoor playground equipment providers in the UK, we can meet you at whatever stage of your project you are at and help to guide and support you on your playground journey. Having worked with many clients around the country, we are highly adept at helping you to get the ideal fit for your playground needs.

We take immense pleasure in helping schools, nurseries, parks, and private facilities around the UK to build safe, exciting, and engaging outdoor playground areas. We seek to inspire young people with a personalised playground design that suits your location, with a variety of options in terms of size, colour choice, and surfacing options. We can coordinate your outdoor playground to fit exactly with the theme you choose, as well as advise you on the ideal placement for each of your outdoor play equipment items to ensure that they help build a conducive play environment for a group of children.

For children, one of the best ways to grow and develop their range of physical abilities is through outdoor play. All of Creative Play’s dynamic outdoor playground equipment has been designed to encourage children to learn as they are having fun. Engaging in regular outdoor play has been shown to stretch children’s cognitive functioning, especially during their early years when children are discovering much of the world around them. Numerous teachers and early learning specialists have praised our outdoor playground equipment options and used our playground equipment as effective educational aids in schools, nurseries, and other children’s facilities.

Is our playground equipment suitable for those with additional needs?

Certainly. Our playground equipment has allowed children with a number of different special educational needs to successfully enjoy an alternative method of learning. Children who previously struggled academically have gained confidence both inside and out of the classroom. By engaging in regular outdoor play, children are inspired to face new challenges on a daily basis and find that their problem-solving skills are greatly improved. As well as contributing to an increased attention span and sharper memory, outdoor play equipment can also help to boost children’s language acquisition as they are prompted to broaden their descriptive vocabularies.

One great thing about our equipment is that children have so much fun using it that they don’t even realise they’re learning! Creative Play is also keen to encourage children and their families to adopt a more active lifestyle. Children and young people are now spending a lot less time outdoors than in previous generations, as their leisure time is increasingly filled with mobile phones, video games, and television. Over the past two decades, this has taken a noticeable effect on the health and mental wellbeing of many young people; a problem which many schools are not doing enough to address.

Here at Creative Play, we want to help children to rediscover the joy of playing outdoors. Our outdoor playground equipment provides a much-needed outlet for children’s boundless energy and also offers some valuable physical benefits with regular use. By engaging in active play as often as possible, children can keep fit and make use of all of their senses as they develop their motor skills and agility. There really is no end to the range of lessons children can have fun learning with the right children’s outdoor playground equipment to make use of. We’d be more than happy to talk to you about finding the right fit for your setting.

What are the main benefits of playground equipment?

Our playground equipment has also been designed to offer children a number of lifelong social skills. By taking part in outdoor play with their friends, children will learn the value of working together as a team. Through our outdoor play equipment UK range, they’ll be prompted to devise solutions in order to overcome challenges, which provide a chance for every member of the group to speak up.

Traditional pieces of playground equipment such as swings are a great example of co-operation; even young children can learn about the value of sharing as they take turns with their friends. Items such as sand and water units will provide the children at your facility with unique sensory experiences. You can sit back and allow them to play independently, knowing that they are in safe and capable hands.

As we have built our stellar reputation for providing outdoor play equipment in the UK, we have been able to work with many schools, councils, and private facilities to put together visually exciting play facilities with a range of benefits in terms of physical and mental development for children. This has been our aim since the day we were first established and has carried into each and every project that we take on. Take a look across our outdoor play equipment UK selection and we’re confident you’ll find an excellent option for your specific play needs.

Our goal is to help you put together a playground that your children will get really excited about. Creative Play offers some of the best and most imaginative outdoor playground equipment anywhere in the world. Working with us, you can be sure that your facility will offer the very best to the children who use it. By combining fun, engaging play with effective educational support, Creative Play offers something really unique. As active and outdoor play moves to the forefront of early years’ education, we are delighted to see the impact it’s having.

School Playground Equipment

How to get guidance on the right playground equipment for your location

If you’d like some advice when it comes to choosing the best school playground options for your venue and the specific needs of your children, then our expert team are always happy to help you out. During an initial meeting or phone call, we’ll discuss what it is that you wish to achieve and talk you through all of the possible options for your new playground. On our site, you can browse through an expansive collection of playground items and find something to suit children of any age and ability. You can also take inspiration from our featured playgrounds and past projects, to gain an idea of what your finished playground could look like.

Furthermore, we offer a free consultation to interested parties, coming to visit you on-site, offering detailed knowledge on all products within our brochure, letting you know how they will be installed, how they are best used and the specific prices for each. A full proposal will be sent out to you within 2-3 weeks of this meeting and we can get the ball rolling from there. As previously mentioned, we’d love for you to take a look through some of our past ventures, which can be found under the ‘Inspiration’ page on our site. This will provide you with a clearer idea of some of the possibilities for your own location.

Whether you’re looking for a shiny new slide, a challenging climbing frame or a vibrant swing set for your venue, it can all be found within our collections. Even if you’re looking for something else entirely, our team can help you to create the perfect adventure playground that will withstand countless hours of fun. Creative Play also supply high-quality sports equipment, including everything from basketball hoops and football accessories to outdoor fitness equipment. On top of this, we offer a number of vibrant playground surfacing options to provide your venue with a stylish finished look once your new playground equipment has been installed.

Installing playground surfacing also ensures that the risk of serious playground accidents is minimised on your site. Creative Play is able to work with you to create a multifunctional, bespoke space. As a leading provider of outdoor play equipment UK options, we have built up a wealth of experience in providing you with the ideal combination of equipment, surfacing, and overall design to give your children and young people a fantastic blend of safety, fun, and learning opportunities.

How to get in touch to discuss your playground requirements

If you’re thinking about installing a new playground with outdoor play equipment at your facility, then Creative Play offers the very best range of school play equipment both in terms of design and quality. As industry leaders, we have set an exceptionally high standard for bespoke playground equipment over the past 25 years. Each and every one of the outdoor playground equipment settings we design in the UK receive the same level of care and dedication. We’ve delighted thousands of clients around the UK, and we want to continue showing children how exciting outdoor play can be.

Having provided our services to such a diverse range of schools, local councils, and individual businesses over the years, there is no area or location beyond our expertise. Each client that we worked with had distinct aims, design requirements, budget, and equipment preferences, but they each partnered with Creative Play to bring about some incredible results. This is why we do the work we do, to help a range of facilities in locations across the UK, to provide the play options they dreamed of at a price they can afford. We understand that sometimes budgets vary when it comes to putting together a playground, whatever the circumstances and reasons behind it.

Whatever your project aims and budget, our team of experts can help take you through the planning of your new playground. To find out how we can help you to get the best option for your playground needs, call us on 01244 375627 or drop us an email on [email protected]. Alternatively, you can use our website to book a playground consultation right away or select an exact time you’d like to receive a callback from us.