We all want our children to develop whilst having fun, making their own mistakes and learning how to problem solve without always having their parents around to step in and give them the answer. Out-door playground equipment offers the perfect arenas for the little one’s to venture a little way out on their own and take on the world with a smile on their face.

Depending on what you aim to offer as part of your outdoor play area, we have a wide range of options available as part of our Creative Play brochure. You can sit back and watch the little one’s work their way through an adventure trail, work up and across wooden climbing frames and tower systems or jump and swing through the trim trails. For the smaller kids there are play-boards for them to get excited about whilst staying grounded! Playgrounds aren’t like they used to be, a patch of grass and a creaking set of swings, we aim to deliver the highest quality of fun.

Very early on in the development of Creative Play we decided it was important to have full integrity regarding the products we sold and the services we delivered. Over 25 years we have improved year-upon-year, utilising the expert skills of our individual team members and delivering nationwide, so wherever you are based we have 19 installation teams around the country who can visit and help install your dream playground, from the simplest of surface markings and slides, to the more complex structures, such as the pirate ships we have on offer.

The quality of service and safety of the products we offer is paramount to our ideals as a company, and with that in mind we have a wide range of guarantees. From a 1-year guarantee against faulty workmanship and materials, to 5-year structural integrity, 10-years for fixtures and fastening and a whopping 20-years for timber uprights! It’s not enough for us to just deliver your playground equipment and leave you to it. We want to develop long-standing relationships with our clients, built around trust and honesty. Our guarantees reflect this and should put your mind at ease when you order, as well as our optional on-going inspection and maintenance services.

We understand that sometimes budgets can be tight when it comes to putting together a playground, whatever the circumstances and reason behind it. With that in mind we offer a free consultation to interested parties, coming to visit you on-site, offering detailed knowledge on all products within our brochure, letting you know how they will be installed, how best they are used and the specific prices for each. A full proposal will be sent out to you within 2-3 weeks of this meeting and we can get the ball rolling from there.

Outdoor playground equipment should be exciting, educational, safe, but most of all, fun. If you are looking to source the perfect playground for your needs, whether for a schoolyard, after-school club, a council owned area or a private, commercial property, we here at Creative Play have a wide selection of fun and games to choose from! Give us a call today on 01244 375627 or use the simple email form on our site. Our friendly team will be in touch to discuss your requirements with a free consultation.