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Our Community Group playground options

We offer steel or timber and natural play equipment, that is durable and robust, helping to ensure all our products are long-lasting. We have a wide-range of products that will suit any space and budget.









Community groups looking to help develop emotional and physical skills of children, by improving the community play areas, can acquire ideal playground equipment from us here at Creative Play. 

Sometimes it takes community groups to enhance outdoor play in an area where local authorities are pressured by other matters.

Community groups come together to purchase playground equipment for the community playgrounds. This togetherness is also transferred to their children who play in the playgrounds. Creative Play understands this and offers some of the best ideas and fantastic playground equipment for community groups. We’ll help you help your children create lasting memories and give all of you a sense of pride by having a fully furnished community playground.

Our excellent playground equipment for community groups include:


The idea of having a single space that facilitates a big number of sporting activities, is so much more welcoming and has made Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAs) extremely popular for community groups, play spaces and many other settings.

Creative Play are designers, manufacturers and suppliers of some of the best MUGAs in the UK. We can install a Multi Use Games Area that will allow play of around 15 to 20 different sport games.

Community groups looking for playground equipment to help keep their children active, will find our MUGAs ideal. You can keep children happy, engaged and active, as they play a range of games that MUGAs allow. These children will reap a range of benefits from improved physical health, to enhanced mental health and better social skills.  

Outdoor Gym Equipment

Another great addition to a community group playground is an outdoor gym. People are finding outdoor gyms more interesting and just as functional, as indoor gyms. This has increased the popularity of outdoor gyms and more experts are recommending outdoor exercise.

Creative Play are experts at supplying perfect timber and metal outdoor gym equipment, that’ll allow a range of health and physical benefits, in children. You can expect your children to have improved muscle strength, better cardio fitness levels, as well as improved balance flexibility and coordination.

Our vast experience in installing an enormous range of outdoor playground equipment in many settings, allows us to provide great outdoor gym equipment, for outdoor gyms within community groups. We’ll help you promote the health, active lifestyle, and improved social skills of your children.

Jigsaw Towers

For many children, the various opportunities offered by a jigsaw tower are always thrilling. These too can be an excellent piece of playground equipment, for community groups looking to transform their playground. Our jigsaw towers will allow children to acquire a range of skills such as balance, coordination, agility, gross motor skills and social skills. These children will also benefit from several physiological benefits.

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The benefits of a Community Group playground


Outdoor play promotes a variety of health benefits without children knowing they are keeping fit & healthy! A playground can offer many key health benefits such as increased levels of cardiovascular fitness and muscular performance and endurance.


A quality play area is a key factor in helping families entertain children of all ages and sizes. Being child-friendly will offer plenty to occupy the kids.


Being part of a Community Group will help towards keeping the family Physically and Mentally healthy.


Take the stress off families looking for something healthy for their children to do.

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