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Here at Creative Play, we know that there are plenty of ways to have fun in a playground while remaining seated.

Whether it’s a swing or character themed spring rider, we love designing items that allow children to swing, bounce and spin to their hearts’ content.

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Our Range

Our Range Of Playground Swings

Offering safe, stylish and colourful designs, our swing sets are the perfect addition to any play area within parks, schools and any other playground that offers quality outdoor playground equipment to children of all ages.

Here are some great examples of playground swing sets, that provide many benefits when it comes to social interaction within a play area:

Round Basket Swing

The Basket Swing is a distinctive swing design that has become quite popular among playgrounds!

The Basket Swing allows for more than one user at a time, offering a unique and exciting experience to youngsters while they play.

In addition to gravity and momentum, children will learn about these concepts in the most thrilling way conceivable!

The Basket Swing is also ideal for children with disabilities or who require assistance; the seat’s size and shape are designed to allow them to be accompanied whilst they play.

The swings are rustic in appearance and look great in any playground.

Double Swing Combi

Swings are a standard playground fixture that never fail to excite a child and are an all time classic playground favourite.

This double swing is a two-seater that comes with both a flat and cradle seat for use by toddlers and older children, providing hours of enjoyment!

Flat Seated Double Swing

Swings are a timeless playground fixture that never disappoints a youngster and are an essential element of any playground.

This double swing comes with flat seats for older children to enjoy and will provide hours of entertainment!

The swings have a natural appearance that complement any playground.

Spring Riders

A spring rider requires a certain amount of balance and momentum to operate, which helps children develop a variety of motor abilities.

Aeroplane Spring Rider (Double)

Our Aeroplane spring riders are a popular piece with children.

Whilst they are balancing and swinging back and forth on the rider, children imagine they are flying in the sky, just like an aeroplane! This promotes social skills, imagination and more.

Whilst being both easy to use and enjoy, the spring riders have a natural appearance that compliments any playground.

This rider seats two children and is made of high quality materials.

Horse Spring Rider (Single)

Now consider how much fun a toddler would have riding on one of our Horse riders!

Our spring riders are trustworthy, long-lasting, and an excellent addition to any playground.

The Horse spring rider is great for one child to ride at a time and is made from brightly coloured, high quality material.

Spinners And Roundabouts

A spinner is a great piece for a toddler or younger children who love to spin round and round! The spinning motion helps encourage their motor skills.

Wheelchair Inclusive Roundabout

Our wheelchair accessible roundabout allows children of all ages and abilities to experience the euphoric sensation of spinning and is the perfect addition to any outdoor play area.

Rope Net Pyramid Spinner

Our playground Rope Net spinners are always a favourite with children who love climbing.

There’s even more room to play with an integrated rope net. This fun element will be a welcome addition to any playground.

Ariel Runways

Our Ariel Runways are a thrilling experience for any playground setting, with three different lengths to choose from.

21 Metres, 26 Metres or 31 Metres


Adding a Seesaw to your playground collection is a must!

It not only encourages social skills between children and their friends, but also promotes motion and momentum to help with a child’s development.


In-ground trampolines are one of the most popular playground and park play equipment, we provide at Creative Play.

These are ideal for educational purposes in nurseries, schools, and other commercial settings such as visitor attractions.

Safety Features

Our installation team is qualified and experienced when it comes to installing all our playground equipment.

We know how important it is to make sure that your new play equipment will be safe for children, so we provide a strong and secure service.

All of our swings are concreted into the ground to ensure that they will stay firmly in place when used!

At Creative Play, we always follow European standards during the construction process and regularly invest in research and evolution for even better quality products.

All our playgrounds are designed with safety as a priority and built using high-quality materials such as galvanised steel or powder-coated frames.

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