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Guarantees & Materials

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Creative Play offers some of the longest and most comprehensive product guarantees in the industry and crucially we have been around long enough to be able to stand by the materials and processes we use. When considering playground equipment guarantees it is important to consider the financial stability of the organization offering them. A 20 year guarantee is no use if the company will not be around to honour it!

Timber Uprights

The majority of our products, particularly for educational customers, use square cut timber, pressure treated with a preservative (chrome and arsenic free), reducing the chance of rot and infestation.

Timber is a natural material and will expand and contract in different temperatures, this can cause minor splitting which will not affect the strength of the materials. Splits below 8mm in width are not deemed to be a finger entrapment under BSEN1176.

Square cut timbers are less likely to split than round timbers.

All our timber uprights are guaranteed for a period of 20 years against rot and infestation.

Fixtures and Fastenings

We use the highest quality fixtures and fastening on all of our equipment, after all it’s what keeps everything together! All bolts and fastenings use treated and coated preservatives to ensure they will not rust.

Fixtures and Fastenings are guaranteed for a period of 10 years against structural failure.

HDPE ‘Playtec’ Coloured Panels

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is used on many products to provide a design or colour aesthetic. They are not load bearing or used to provide structural integrity.

HDPE panels are low maintenance and easy to clean which makes their use in our outdoor play equipment products ideal. A number of colours are available (blue, green, red and yellow). If you would like a specific colour please specify this at point of order. The colours used may not match your design or photos used in your proposal unless specifically requested.

HDPE plastics are guaranteed for a period of 10 years.

Ropes, Nets, Slide Sides, Platforms, Floors, Footholds, Springs, Chains, Coupling Links & Shackles, Sand Play Structures

A resin-impregnated marine board is used to provide an anti-slip surface wherever a child places their feet.

Chains, coupling links and shackles are all designed to be load bearing and resistant to corrosion.

Steel-core ropes are used across our ranges.

These materials are guaranteed for a period of 5 years against structural failure.

Moving Parts

Bearings for items such as Outdoor Gym Equipment, Seesaws, Sand Diggers, Roundabouts/Carousels & Rope Net Pyramid – Our moving parts are guaranteed for 2 years against failure.

Playground Safety Surfacing

All of our playgrounds safety surfaces are guaranteed for 5 years for structural integrity. We guarantee that your playground safety surface will meet the requirements of BSEN 1176 for at least 5 years. This includes Wetpour, Playsafe and Artificial Grass. Please note we cannot guarantee wetpour inlays into other manufacturers surfaces or overlays of existing surfaces.

Our Rubber Mulch Safety Surfacing is guaranteed for 12 months for structural integrity. Due to the recycled nature of rubber playground surfaces and the way they are manufactured, we cannot guarantee colour fastness of the product, our Rubber Mulch product in some cases can result in colour transfer. There are a number of variables affecting how long the colour of the surface will last such as UV light, heavy use and other environmental conditions.

Installation & Site Works

2 years against faulty workmanship and materials. Issues arising from subsidence are not covered.

All of our products and works are installed in good faith and we will always strive to achieve the highest quality in everything we do. If you are unsure whether a product or installation is covered by our guarantees please contact us on 01244 375627 or email to discuss further.