Playground Maintenance & Aftercare

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Here at Creative Play we pride ourselves on delivering you exciting and innovative playgrounds that you can enjoy for many years to come BUT…. Playgrounds don’t look after themselves!

Maintenance and Aftercare is required on all playgrounds to ensure safety standards are met and to prevent damage and possibly injuries.

We have dedicated aftersales team to support you from the moment we sign off your playground. From top tips you can do yourself to offering our maintenance & inspection packages.

We have detailed all of this below for you to ensure you are confident you have a safe playground that meets all of the BS EN standards and to have confidence in letting the children run free!!!

After Creative Play have completed the installation of your playground one of our Project Managers (RPII qualified) will be on site to sign off your new equipment. During this time, we will ensure all of the equipment and safety surfacing meets the BS EN 1176/1177 standards and will provide one to one training on how to perform Routine Visual Inspections.

Not only this, once we have signed of your new play area we will provide you with one of our Aftercare Toolboxes. This will include relevant tools and fastening, instructions on how to check fixtures and fittings and tightening bolts. An Operational Inspection Booklet will also be included to allow you to record all inspections completed.

BS EN 1176 (the standard for play equipment) recommends a number of inspections during the life of the playground.

Routine Visual Inspections (training provided as detailed above):

These inspections should be carried out daily when the equipment is first used and each week once the novelty has worn off. During this inspection you should check for obvious hazards that can result from vandalism such as broken bottles etc. and any missing fastenings or loose bolts. It is not considered necessary to keep a written record of this inspection but feel free to.

Operational Inspections:

This is a more detailed inspection to check the operation and stability of the equipment especially for wear. This inspection should be completed every 1 – 3 months and a written record should be kept – See Package 1 below.

Annual Main Inspections:

This inspection is carried out to establish the overall level of safety of the equipment, foundations and surfaces, effects of weather, presence of rotting or corrosion and any change of the level of equipment as a result of repairs made, or of added/replaced components.

This inspection should be carried out by a competent persons in strict accordance with Creative Plays instructions. A written record should be recorded and kept of this inspection – See Package 2 & 3 below.

Creative Play offer 2 different Maintenance Packages, we have detailed these below:

Package One – Operational Inspection and Service

Price from £295 plus VAT – (depending on size of area)

  • Thorough operational inspection and service of Creative Play equipment
  • Renewal of worn moving parts and full report (Includes quotation for chargeable works)


Package Two – Annual Inspection and Service

Price from £420 plus VAT – (depending on size of area)

  • Thorough operational inspection and service of Creative Play equipment
  • Renewal of worn moving parts and full report (Includes quotation for chargeable works)
  • Annual inspection of entire play area by an Independent RPII inspector together with full report.


Routine Visual Inspections completed by yourself should include the below:

  • Play equipment and play area is clear of rubbish, foreign objects and clean.
  • Foundations are not exposed, loose in the ground or cracked.
  • All access and entrances free from obstructions
  • Safer surfaces undamaged
  • All loose fill surfaces level, without rubbish or fouling
  • Any signs of damage to equipment
  • Any signs of ropes fraying and in particular no protruding wire.
  • All fixtures, fittings and ropes tight – see attached step-by-step guide.

Don’t forget, we offer some of the longest and most comprehensive product guarantees in the industry and crucially we have been around for over 25 years to be able to stand by the materials and processes we use. Click here to see more detail…


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