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We are specialists in creating Climbing equipment that really sparks a child’s imagination.

We can even install our expertly designed activity playground equipment, to ensure children in your schools, holiday parks, visitor attractions and other amenities, really enjoy their play.

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Our Range

The many years we have supplied playground equipment that has allowed us to gain vast experience, enabling us to perfect our craft in the various categories that we work on.

We are outdoor playground equipment manufacturers, and suppliers and deliver the equipment you require, to add to your outdoor setting. One category we’re experts in, is the climbing and activity category. You can request us to install expertly designed climbing and activity playground equipment, to ensure children in your schools, holiday parks, visitor attractions and other amenities, fully enjoy their time.

Our Climbing & Activity Solutions

Creative Play provides a fantastic range of climbing and activity playground equipment options, for children of all ages. Each category item is available in different designs and styles, to cater for the many play needs children have.

Types Of Climbing & Activity Equipment

We have excellent playground equipment to facilitate climbing and activity play, allowing a range of fantastic benefits to their users.

The innovative playground equipment we have include:


Our knowledge of how children enjoy climbing on things, has allowed us to understand the need for designing and creating climbing frames.

We manufacture climbing frames that encourage children to explore their boundaries, in a safe environment, facilitating positive development.

Advantages of Climbing Frames

Children immensely enjoy playing on climbing frames!

Our Climbing Frames are perfect for all users in any setting, as they have a range of benefits. Our playground equipment is designed by experts, in order to assist with the development of balance and coordination in children. The interesting designs of our climbing frames will also help invigorate the imagination of each child, as they play with their peers. This also helps them learn important social skills.

In summary, Climbing Frames entertain children and improve their physical health.

Climbing Frame


Creative Play designs beautiful activity centres to entice children and support their learning through play. We design unique options that come with a combination of features such as a climbing frame, slide, rungs and more.

Our playground equipment designers understand the importance of keeping children entertained and engaged.

Our specialists ensure that each piece of playground equipment provides physical activity for children and helps to assist them learn a range of new skills. Being able to capture the attention of children, involve and entertain them, has made our Activity Centres a favourite for all children, teachers and parents.

All Activity Centres by Creative Play, are designed and made to offer the highest levels of quality, style, functionality and safety. All of which help improve the health and physical benefits of children.

Climbing Frame


Our third range in the Climbing and Activity category is the Jungle Climbers. These, just like climbing frames, offer unique climbing options to help entertain kids and gain a number of physical and health benefits. We design climbing frames with very interesting net and slide features to help encourage active play. These are beautifully crafted from durable and stylish timber to entice children.

Our Jungle Climbers help in improving balance, agility, coordination and other motor skills in children. Our experts always design these playground equipment options, with a keen focus on mental benefits which helps kids learn confidence, problem-solving and perseverance.

All these are guaranteed to help children enjoy physical exercises and enhance motor skills.

Jungle Climber

We’d be happy to speak to you and understand your needs for climbing and activity playground equipment.

Talk to us about your spaces, expected number of users, your budget and we’ll help you create excellent playground equipment to facilitate climbing and activity play among your children.

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