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Funding the Future of Play

Funding solutions for playground projects should try to be as inventive as possible. Some of the most successful playground projects have used several sources of funding; from section 106 payments to council match-funding and community-led fundraisers.

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When embarking on a playground development project the first obstacle encountered is often funding.

“How much will it cost?” and “Where can we source the funds?” are two of the most frequently asked questions.

It can be pretty overwhelming and that is why we are here to provide you with some expert tips for things to consider whilst getting started.

Download our top tips to help you secure your playground funding!

Creative Play Funding Top Tips

Funding Providers

Do you know where you can source your funding from?

There are many funding providers but choosing one that meets all your requirements is difficult, so make sure you do your research!

But to give you a head start we have a huge library of funding providers for you review and begin your application.

Download our Funding Provider Library today and be well on your way to the next step of funding.

Funding Library

Creative Play

Guidance/Starting your Application

Do you know where to begin when completing a funding application?

Are you half way through the application and come to a standstill?

There are so many things to consider and all details are highly important to ensure your best chances of securing a funding grant.

Why not take a look at our Funding Guidance and a Funding Support Form to help guide you through starting the application.

Starting your Application


Funding Idea’s

Doing your own funding events can prove highly successful, but we know it can be difficult to come up with ideas.

We have creative a pack based specifically on different funding schemes to get you started.

From Cake Sales to Raffles, from Toy Sales to Limbo Competitions, we have thought of it all!

So get your self involved and start raising money today, involving local communities can boost the results massively so make sure you scream and shout about it!

Creative Play Funding Idea’s

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Fundraising Team

Why not go that extra mile and build a specialist fundraising team?

Assigning different job roles and distributing tasks to suit each individual’s skill sets will allow you to work effectively together on a great project for a great cause.

This doesn’t have to be just staff members, why not get the children, parents, PTA or even the local community involved?

The additional help is ideal for getting that extra push!

Download our Fundraising Team form and start assigning roles now…


Complete Advice Pack

If you are just beginning to research how to acquire funding etc. then why not download our full Funding Pack?

This includes all the information above to help support you in every aspect of the funding process. From applications to funding raising events, be rest assured we are here to help you!

Funding Pack – Complete!

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