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Our Outdoor Sports Equipment includes MUGAs, outdoor gym equipment and more great outdoor sports apparatus that can create all types play spaces for children of all ages!

There are many factors that contribute to making outdoor spaces ideal for encouraging creative outdoor play and we can help you design an area that promotes physical activity.

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About Our Outdoor Sports Equipment

How many times have you looked outside, seen how beautiful it is, and thought, I would love to let the children out to play, but there isn’t any good equipment around?

That doesn’t have to be the case with Outdoor Sports Equipment from Creative Play! We have MUGAs and more great outdoor sports equipment that can create creative play spaces of all types, for children of all ages!

There are many factors that contribute to making outdoor spaces ideal for encouraging creative outdoor play. These include having an adequate amount of space for children to let loose, as well as placing your equipment in a way that promotes physical activity.

By providing your children with our outdoor sports equipment, you can make sure they have everything they need to embrace healthy recreation.

No matter what type of outdoor playground equipment in the UK you’re looking for, you’ll find it on our site!


Children who spend more time playing outside tend to have more energy and better eye-hand coordination.

In a survey of primary school teachers, 92% said they felt outdoor play would make children fitter and improve their concentration. With all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why more and more schools are investing in a range of outdoor sports equipment.

Not only does playground equipment encourage imaginative play, but it also helps students develop physical skills which will carry through into adulthood.

We offer an extensive range of outdoor sports equipment for schools that will not only keep your pupils active during lunch breaks, but foster creativity and promote healthy social interactions between classmates.

Our exciting collection includes MUGAs (Multi Use Games Area) as well as adventure playground equipment, providing you with plenty of options to enhance your existing facilities or build new ones!

We’re as committed as ever to providing quality playground solutions to schools and nurseries, with our outdoor sports equipment forming a key part of the quality outdoor play equipment across our range. Offering a high level of design quality through our in-house team, our range of outdoor gym equipment provides a safe and enjoyable exercise space to any young people who use them

Gym Equipment
Gym Equipment

Some Of The Outdoor Sports Equipment We Supply

MUGA – Multi Use Games Area

A Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) is an outdoor sports facility that consists of a number of different sport and play surfaces, arranged in one space. MUGAs can be used by children of all ages as they offer a range of different activities and opportunities, for sports and physical activity.

Sports Markings

One of our popular products, these colourful markings are perfect for transforming any outdoor play space into a fully fledged sports facility.

These include official looking markings such as foul lines and football goals, as well as fun designs like goal posts and arrows to guide players around a field.

If you want to create an organised, yet informal recreational area for adults or children, our range of sports markings will help you do it quickly and easily.

They’re also great options for schools with limited funding as these pieces are relatively inexpensive, yet incredibly beneficial.

Outdoor Gym Equipment

Children’s play is very different from adult play. Their energy levels are high, so they need to be able to run, jump and climb to truly have fun. That’s why our range of outdoor sports equipment can be used to facilitate all kinds of creative play for children of all ages as well as adults.

Goal Ends & Sports Walls

Have you ever looked at play spaces and thought, I wish that area was used for something more than just sitting around? If so, look no further than Goal Ends & Sports Walls.

These playground resources offer different ways to facilitate fun and creativity while kids learn through play. From MUGAs (Multi-Use Games Areas) to goal ends, these items can help create truly engaging outdoor areas with open-ended opportunities.

Sports Target Panels

MUGAs are a fantastic way to transform your outdoor play space. These game spaces feature sports target panels and other pieces of equipment designed to promote different types of creative play. This includes throwing and catching practice as well as general movement and motor skill development. MUGAs can be used by children and adults alike and we stock some fantastic pieces that you will find in outdoor playgrounds, all around the UK.

Why not view our activity and climbing outdoor play equipment and sensory playground equipment for more options for your playground or read our blog about The Importance Of Physical Education In Early Years.

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Having spent over 20 years in the design and manufacture of high-quality playground spaces, in recent years we have taken that same passion for providing quality outdoor sports equipment and extended into offering quality outdoor gym equipment.

Our range of outdoor sports equipment can also be designed and arranged in a way that provides for inclusivity, ensuring that your outdoor space is a setting where children and young people of all backgrounds feel welcome.

This level of personalisation allows you to add a truly unique touch to your playground, whether it is matching your school colours, the local surroundings, or just making it particularly colourful and engaging for the children who use it.

We also offer a range of sports surfacing that can accompany your outdoor sports equipment, providing a fantastic combination of style, durability, as well as safety benefits through its shock-absorption and slip-proof characteristics.

Field Sports

Why Outdoor Equipment Is Important?

The importance of playground equipment is often underestimated when considering the design of a recreational area for a child to enjoy.

Playgrounds need a range of equipment to ensure all kids can enjoy themselves, particularly when they are young and in the early stages of physical play. This is because different types of equipment provide opportunities for movement, exploration and interaction with other children. The age of the child will also dictate the type of equipment required.

Listed below are some examples of different types of playground equipment:

  • Sports Trail
  • Dart Board
  • Multi Court
  • Football Target
  • Bleep Test
  • Ball Catcher
  • Combi Goal

…all of which are designed to entice children to play, by manufacturing them with bright colours!


There is a variety of outdoor sport(s) equipment that can be used to improve the health of a child and sensory skills, whilst also helping to improve coordination and balance. In addition, using outdoor playground equipment can reduce obesity rates.

Balance beams, for example, can help improve the balance and coordination of a child. Whilst playing on a balance beam, the child is constantly having to adjust their balance, which in turn helps improve their balance skills.

Coordination can also be improved by using outdoor sporting equipment. Balls, for example, improve coordination as the child has to use different parts of their body to control the ball. This in turn reduces clumsiness in children.

To see our range of Balance Beams, click here.

Mental Health

Fitness is not only about having strong muscles and bones. It is also about having a healthy mind. Outdoor exercises can help kids learn problem-solving skills, teamwork, and how to handle winning and losing. These skills can assist them in all areas of their lives.


Kids usually don’t like doing the same things over again. That’s why playing sports outdoors encourages kids to try out new activities. Each sport has its own rules, strategies, and challenges that keep kids interested. If they want to learn more about the game, their friends can teach them how to play. Plus, each time kids play the game, they can try their own way and see what happens.


Outdoor sport provides kids with a fun way to meet new friends. Kids from different schools might play against each other in games such as baseball, hockey, rugby, football, tennis and cricket to name a few.

When kids play sports together they get a chance to meet new people which allows them to build strong friendships with the people they play with.

Stress Relief

Kids are under a lot of pressure to get good grades at school these days. They are constantly judged by how well they perform in sports or what subjects they fail. This can lead to a lot of stress.
Playing outdoors on various sports equipment can help kids relieve some of that stress. It allows them to forget about their troubles for a little while and just have fun.

There are many benefits to playing outdoor sports. Not only do they keep kids physically fit, but they also keep their minds healthy and provide opportunities for friendship and stress relief.

Social Play

By playing with friends on the balance beam for example, children start talking to each other about their experiences on the beam. This can improve communication skills and also helps them to make friends.
In addition, by playing as a team, kids learn the values of working together and helping each other. This is an important skill that can be used in later life.

Physical Activity

Outdoor sporting equipment can also be used to increase the amount of physical activity in a child. Balls for example, require the user to run around in order to control the ball and hit it with their hands, head, feet or chest. This is a great way to get youngsters into better physical condition.

Brain Development

When a child plays outdoors, they are not only improving their physical health, but they are also developing their brain.

When kids play outdoors, they are using senses such as smell, sound, touch and sight. They are also exercising their imagination while exploring the great outdoors.

These two things combined will encourage them to develop new neural pathways in the brain, which helps with learning.

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