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Children Have Been Enjoying Our Outdoor Playground Equipment For Over 30 Years In Schools, Parks And Holiday Parks Across The UK.

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A Little About Us

Our playground equipment and outdoor sports equipment have been bringing smiles to children’s faces for over 30 years.

Designing, manufacturing and installing our playground equipment has taken us across the UK, developing over 14,000 play areas for children in Schools, Holiday Parks, Pubs, Play Parks and more.

We only use the highest quality timber and materials to ensure the lifespan and durability of all our playground equipment. We also provide a comprehensive guarantee on all products and services for the first 2 Years of your product’s life, for peace of mind.

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Our Playground Equipment

We supply a huge range of outdoor play equipment from Trim Trails, Climbing & Activity, Outdoor Sports Equipment to Swings, Springs and Spinners.

Our Outdoor Sports Equipment

View our range of outdoor gym and outdoor sports equipment, Outdoor fitness equipment, MUGAs and other sporting items.

Playground Equipment Brochures

Be inspired for your new playground project by downloading and viewing any of our range of playground equipment brochures and information.  We have designed and built playgrounds up and down the UK, in many different types of setting and play areas.

So get inspired today and start on your children’s playground project.

Latest Children's Playground Projects

Working across the UK, we have designed, manufactured and installed a range of children’s playground projects, which we are proud to showcase to you. These projects highlight the range and types of outdoor play equipment we offer and how our play products can enhance the physical and sensory learning abilities of children within your setting. Our playground equipment and projects range from School playgrounds, Councils and Holiday Park Play equipment, which have been installed in many locations across the UK.

start Your New Playground Project!

We’re here to help, why not speak with one of our expert team members, then we can both advise on the best playground equipment solutions for your play area as well as how to maximise your budget.

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