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We know how important it is to protect children and provide amiable environments during outdoor play, outdoor lessons, lunchtime clubs or after school sessions. 

Creative Play has a range of materials and equipment available, to support learning and outdoor play.

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Our Range

Canopies & Shelters

We have been designing, manufacturing and installing these for over 20 years. So you can trust us to deliver high-quality canopies and shelters and are able to offer a selection of colourful patterns.


Feel free to browse through our broad collection of canopies and shelters ranging from multicoloured options, to simple ones with just poles and a roof.

Our specialists would be delighted to help you with your vision, educational needs and budget, to ensure the canopies and shelters you acquire from our range, will be the ideal options.


Creative Play experts are always concerned about the advantages of the canopies and shelters they supply. We strongly believe by providing suitable canopies and shelters, we can help bring a change of pace in learning for many children by allowing them to learn outdoors rather than indoors all the time.

Our canopies and shelters are of great quality and help to protect children against sudden bursts of adverse weather elements, allowing them to continue many of their outdoor activities.

Why not take a look at our other outdoor playground equipment to see what we have on offer.

Cambridge Shelter Multi-Colour

Outdoor Classrooms

We have been designing, creating and installing outdoor classrooms for the past 20 years or so, giving us the extensive experience to invent superb outdoor classroom options.


We have an enormous range of outdoor classrooms to choose from, which include full shelters and half shelters of varying sizes. Some come with floors and others without. You’ll only need to talk to us and we’ll deliver a suitable outdoor classroom option, for your educational setting depending on your preferences and budget.


Outdoor classrooms offer a nice alternative to indoor classroom learning, breaking the monotony and making learning more interesting to children.

The outdoor classroom options we have allows sensory benefits which have the possibility of facilitating learning in children and adding an excitement factor encouraging many children to engage in learning, in a fresh way.

Outdoor Classroom


Here’s another category in this section, in which we are well versed. We have, over 20 years manufactured some of the best designs of seating, ranging from straight to curved benches. Others come with features such as backrests and artistic, colourful designs.


Our seating options allow fun, comfort and safety to your educational setting and facilitate learning.

They are perfect to install alongside any of our outdoor playground equipment options for resting, sitting and watching.

Reading Area


Our specialists can design, create and install a fantastic selection of stages to facilitate safe and enjoyable performance.


We provide mostly half octagons of 4 and 5 metres but have other shapes available where you can buy a 1 metre extension, for more space at the front of the stage.

You could also purchase stages with seating options or one with added activity boards for better-equipped performance.

Please feel free to ask for assistance from us regarding the type of stages you can buy.


Stages are excellent for teaching drama and similar subjects, for small groups.


Picnic Benches

For more than 30 years, we have designed, manufactured and installed high-quality, innovative playground equipment in the UK. Our team of specialists known for many fantastic equipment options, also design great picnic benches. These can complement any play area or can be bought as an individual piece.

Feel free to browse our range of picnic benches and ask for assistance in choosing the ones that’ll best suit your requirements. We can also help you to select the best options for the playground equipment you already have or intend to acquire.

Picnic Benches


As with the rest of our products, storytelling equipment is designed with children in mind. There are interesting settings you can create with the storytellers areas, teacher’s storytelling chair and children’s storytelling chair.

Such settings in storytelling lessons will help inspire children’s imagination, entertain them and build their storytelling skills and self-confidence when they take part in telling the stories.

Other items in our Shelters Seating & Stages are the Sail Shades and Fencing and Storage options.

We’d be delighted to help you choose any equipment from our fantastic and useful category.

Why not view our Swings, Springs & Spinners, and imaginative play equipment for more options for your playground.

Octagonal Modular Seating (2 Piece)

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