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Special Educational Needs

All children require good quality playtime in order for them to develop in a range of ways. The merits of educational play have been well documented in recent decades, with sensory play often of particular benefit to children with special educational needs.

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Our SEN playground options

At Creative Play, we understand that children with special needs will require bespoke playground equipment, so we have a wide range of products with this firmly in mind. Creative Play have the ability to tailor-make products to meet specific requirements, or amend existing items to accommodate special needs considerations, for example, wheelchair friendly ramps, handrails, wheelchair accessible picnic benches and we also have a range already designed to meet the needs of all ages and abilities.

Our experienced advisors are sensitive towards the needs and requirements of special needs children and we can provide tailored equipment that will meet your specific requirements, so you can speak to our team today by phone or email if you would like to discuss any particular needs in this regard.

Key Features

  • Creative
  • Sensory
  • Educational
  • Social Interaction

Our Process Step by Step

Here at Creative Play, our team have been designing, manufacturing and installing high-quality playground equipment in a variety of spaces around the UK since 1991.

Customers who have worked with us to develop exciting new outdoor playgrounds and play areas include schools, nurseries, holiday parks, parish councils, pub/restaurants and local authorities.

Playground Equipment For SEN

Creative Play Specialists have partnered with special education teachers and experts, to be able to provide excellent outdoor playground equipment for special educational needs children. We have great equipment designed to stimulate children’s senses, develop social skills and regulate their energy levels.

Our specialists always work closely with the responsible people, to create an outdoor play area that has the right equipment to improve special needs children’s lives by facilitating the following;

  • Enhanced Behavioural Traits
  • Stable Emotional Feelings
  • Improved Sensory Processing
  • Better Communication Skills
  • Improved Social Interaction
  • Sustained Concentration

Creative Play’s dedicated team of specialists go out of their way to understand special needs children. This allows us to design and create ideal playground equipment that helps assist children in feeling comfortable every day, when they are at school.

Since our experts understand the importance of encouraging cooperation and socialisation in school and the playgrounds, we design the playground equipment for special educational needs children, with a keen focus on inclusivity. This enables us to design, manufacture and deliver playground equipment that encourages children of varying abilities to play together.

The creative range of playground equipment for special educational needs children, allows regulatory, heavy work and other satisfying activities among special needs children, giving them breakout opportunities they most likely are yearning for. Many of the children will find the freeflow, open-ended, physical play facilitated by the playground equipment, very therapeutic.

These activities are extremely important to special education needs children and our expertly designed playground equipment for special educational needs children, will help in fostering therapeutic activities that help children to;

  • Understand when and how to calm themselves by realising when they are getting confused, overwhelmed or frustrated.
  • Be able to refocus themselves and become centred, in preparation for learning and other school activities.

Some great playground equipment for special educational needs children we have, include:

Inclusive Swings

Children who use Wheelchairs are able to play with others on swings, which greatly promotes interaction and cooperation which in turn boosts their self-esteem. You can help these children enjoy swings just like others, by purchasing these types of swings and installing them in your playground.

Planters and Growing

These promote self-growth, patience and sensory play as the children plant and grow vegetables or flowers.

Sand and Water Play Equipment

Children with special needs can sit and play with water for a range of sensory play benefits including enhanced gross motor skills.

Music and Sensory Playboards

These are perfect to help improve audio and visual stimulation in children.

Dens and Playhouses

Adapted playhouses help children enjoy themselves together with others.

Spinners and Roundabouts

These allow children with special needs to enjoy the thrilling feeling of spinning with others.

Wheelchair Accessible Trampolines

These help special needs children enjoy bouncing up and down with other children which eliminates any feelings and thoughts of being excluded.

Feel free to contact us today for ideal playground equipment for special educational needs children. We have a broad range of fantastic options created from the collaboration of special educational needs experts and other specialists. Our experts design, create and offer free installation of the playground equipment.

Creative Play has playground equipment for special educational needs guaranteed to improve the memory, imagination, behavioural traits, emotional feelings, sensory processing abilities, communication skills, social interaction and concentration of children with special needs.


Physical Exercise and Learning


Outdoor play promotes a variety of health benefits such as decreased levels of stress, increased levels of confidence, healthy mind and body, builds healthy friendships.

Huntingtree Primary School Case Study


Our outdoor play equipment allows children to have fun safely. It provides children with the opportunity to participate in accessible physical activity as well as encouraging them to learn while they play.


Children who are active are more likely to live a healthier lifestyle as it can help control weight, build strong bones and muscles, reduce signs of anxiety/depression and also reduce the risk of heart disease.


With a designated place to play, equipped with quality outdoor play equipment, it helps encourage children to develop and grow, improving areas such as mobility, spatial awareness and co-ordination

Our Top Products for SEN Outdoor Spaces...

Below showcases some of the top items, our customers have chosen as a part of their new playground installations. What would you have in yours?