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Creative Play – A Member of the API

about api | Creative Play

Creative Play is proud to be an active member of the API, helping to drive positive play policies and create outdoor environments which promote healthy well-being. Membership of the API requires adherence to a strict code of practice and provides our customers with a number of benefits and assurances over non-members.

The Association of Play Industries (API) are the lead trade organisation within the Play Industry, actively promoting all matters relating to play. Founded in 1984 they have been ‘the voice of the play industry’ for over 30 years. The API is an active member of wide-ranging organisations which campaign to improve the health and well-being of children including the All Party Political Group for a Fit and Healthy Childhood, Children’s Play Policy Forum, Children’s Play Safety Forum, Sport and Recreation Alliance, The Register of Play Inspectors International Ltd (RPII) and the Federation of European Play Industry (FEPI).


The API’s top 10 reasons for choosing an API member to assist you with your outdoor play development:

1. Reliability and Reputation

API members are the UK’s leading play companies. They are professional, trustworthy and operate to the highest standards. Choosing a cut-price operator faces the risk of inferior products, poor quality installation and service, over-sold guarantees and warranties, and financial uncertainty.

2. Financial Stability

API members are financially sound. Their financial stability and security are monitored regularly, thoroughly and rigorously. Choosing a supplier with a poor financial record, credit score or trading history can cause major problems.

3. Credibility

API members abide by a strict Professional Code of Conduct and are committed to a high standard of customer service and business practice.

4. Experience

API members readily provide evidence of recent, relevant previous work, case studies and references – We create over 500 play areas every year.

5. Play Value

API members believe the benefits of managed risk in play are indisputable. The API Charter ensures they design fun, high-quality play spaces with plenty of challenge built in.

6. Expertise

API members are play experts. They design, create and install high-quality play equipment, provide expert advice and have the knowledge and resources to carry out full consultations with all stakeholders involved in play projects.

7. Compliance

API members are committed to maintaining and promoting BSEN 1176 and other relevant safety standards, and provide evidence to demonstrate compliance.

8. Partnership

API member companies believe that investment in high-quality play equipment provides a lasting legacy for children and communities. As a result, they are committed to long-term service and support for customers – take a look at our maintenance and aftersales packages allowing Creative Play to support you in maintaining you play area.

9. Safety

API member companies recognise the importance of safety and provide expert advice on maintenance, repairs and inspection. They commission Post-Installation Inspections to ensure the safe operation of new play areas, undertaken by a registered and certificated annual outdoor inspector from the Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII).

10. Technical Mediation

The API actively encourages customer feedback on member projects and offers a FREE mediation service for members and their customers to resolve any technical disputes.

If you want to find out more about API members and the benefits of working with them, there’s more information on the API website

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