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At Creative Play, we are proud to offer a range of trim trails that promotes self esteem, an active lifestyle, physical challenges, balance and coordination to children, in primary schools.

You’ll love our selection of Trim Trails for its range of designs and ability levels. Our advanced versions can be customised to fit any key stage age group, while our traditional models provide a starting point from which you could build and create your own experience!

For primary schools looking to offer a wide variety of exciting outdoor playground equipment, look no further than Creative Play.

Having worked with clients around the UK with a wide range of budgets, we are able to offer a variety of shapes and sizes of trim trail and adventure trim trail play equipment, allowing you to find the ideal fit for your playground or park space.

Whether adding to an existing range within your playground or providing a key play feature in a new playground specifically designed for your location, we are here to help and guide you every step of the way.

What Is A Trim Trail?

A Trim Trail is an obstacle course for children that can be enjoyed by all ages.

It’s composed of different pieces to form fun-filled active play, with the aim being for them to get from start to finish.

How Do You Select The Right Trim Trail Equipment?

Our expert team would be more than happy to discuss the many benefits of trim trail equipment for schools and parks, and have the ability to offer free playground consultations where one of our specialist outdoor play team, can visit you at your location and advise on the best trim trails that will create great fun, and promote physical activity for children within your setting.

Whether you are a customer creating a comprehensive range of exciting equipment to keep children active in the playground or a customer looking to offer different challenges within the PE curriculum, we are happy to assist you in the process and invite you into the design choices as much as possible, as we put together your trim trail playground equipment range.

Huntingtree Primary School Case Study

What Are The Advantages Of Trim Trails?

Trim Trails are a great addition to schools.

They are fun and challenging for children, and can help them develop important skills whilst having a lot of fun playing on them; even from an early age the courses are irresistible as they present challenges that need overcoming and there’s always someone else around, eager to help out!

How Do We Ensure The Quality Of Our Trim Trails And Playground Equipment?

With all of our trim trails for primary schools – and all other playground equipment – being designed and created in-house by our expert team, it allows us to ensure the highest standards of safety, quality and value at all times.

From our design headquarters, we are able to transport all of our playground equipment and surfacing options, to our installation teams across the UK who will then provide safe and secure installation of your chosen outdoor play equipment, at your chosen site.

How Do You Move Forward With Purchasing A Trim Trail?

We are passionate about seeing children and young people gain the benefits of learning through play, a consideration we have put into all of our trim trail playground equipment for schools and a range we would be more than happy to speak to you about.

To find out more about any of our trim trail options in more detail, you can get in touch with us by phone or email today, or complete our free playground consultation request form, with all of them over on our Contact page.

Whichever method you choose to purchase our playground equipment for your school playground or parks, we guarantee that each piece of equipment will create exciting physical challenges for young people and children, additionally helping them to develop strength, balance and promote physical and social skills that are fun within any early years playground.

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