Trim Trails (rope bridge)

Trim trails are an exciting way to build an adventure section within your playground. They are especially enticing in larger, council-owned play areas and offer children the opportunity to have fun outdoors in a safe environment, whilst teaching them to control their balance and co-ordination.

Physical development is key to children throughout their formative years, and if you can combine that with fun and learning, all-the better. Trim trails are fantastic sections of outdoor adventure for the little one’s to get their teeth stuck into and go wild, whilst parents and teachers know they are safe! There is a rope bridge to aid with balance, scramble nets and jelly boards, swinging logs and zig-zag beams, log walks and crawling tubes. There is such a wide range of interesting trim trail equipment available, our team would be happy to run through and advise the best options for your project and budget.

All rope used within our bridges, scramble nets and other assorted equipment is designed and built using polypropylene covered multi-filament steel core ropes, with tamper-proof connections and ends to ensure it is difficult for wear, tear and the inevitable meddling of children to get the better of the quality! As for the wooden aspects of trim trails, everything is treated to ensure it is protected against decay and potential insect infestation, and we offer a 20-year guarantee to all timber products as standard.

If you would like to buy a rope bridge or other equipment to form part of a larger trim trails section of your playground, you’re in the right place. Call Creative Play on 01244 375627 or fill out the simple email form and we’ll arrange a free consultation where we visit you.