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Product Design & Safety

Using the latest design and manufacturing processes at our factory in Chester, we are able to manufacture playground equipment which is not only durable but crucially safe for use.

The requirements of BSEN1176 and BSEN1177 are central to our design and manufacturing processes ensuring that all of our products are created with safety as our number one criteria.

For example, wherever a child places their feet we use an anti-slip resin impregnated product to reduce the chances of trips and falls. Our timber uprights are square cut, free from the heart of the tree to minimise splitting which can often occur more often with round timbers.

HDPE plastics and steel core ropes are used to provide strength and stability to our products whilst adding design features which look impressive.

All of our playground installations are signed off by and RPII (Register of Playground Inspectors International) Operational Inspector who not only confirms conformity with BSEN1176/1177 but ensures the quality of the product meets our stringent quality management criteria.

All playground equipment products are designed with the end user in mind ensuring they are engaging, challenging, educational and above all FUN!