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Product Design & Safety

For More Than 30 Years, We Have Been The Supplier Of Choice To Many Schools And Councils And Businesses

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When it comes to product design and safety, we deliver high quality and durable playground equipment to schools, councils, community groups, the leisure and hospitality industry.

The driving force behind our business is to produce playground equipment that is not only fun and exciting for children of all ages, but also completely safe for children to have fun on.

To understand why, keep reading!

Product Design Process

Our team of product designers work tirelessly to develop new equipment for children, while also making sure it is safe.

We have an extensive design process that ensures each product meets and exceeds British Standards, before being manufactured in our state-of-the-art factory, based in Chester.

The requirements of BSEN1176 and BSEN1177 are central to our design and manufacturing processes ensuring that all of our products are created with safety as our number one criteria.

For example, wherever a child places their feet, we use an anti-slip resin-impregnated product to reduce the chances of slips and falls.

Our timber uprights are square cut, free from the heart of the tree to minimise splitting, which can often occur with round timbers.

HDPE plastics and steel core ropes are used to provide strength and stability to our products, whilst adding design features which look impressive and demonstrate creativity.

All of our playground installations are signed off by an RPII (Register of Playground Inspectors International) Operational Inspector who not only confirms conformity with BSEN1176/1177 but ensures the quality of the product meets our stringent quality management criteria.

Safety Surfacing

Product Designer’s Role

When it comes to product design, the product designer’s role is to have a thorough understanding of the needs and capabilities of children who will be using the product, whilst creating fun and exciting, brand new equipment for playgrounds.

Once we have gathered information about the intended audience for the product, we then look at what materials can be used to manufacture it.

After this process is complete, we create highly detailed technical drawings. These drawings are then used as a basis to manufacture each product in our factory.


Safety Process

Our business has an extremely comprehensive Quality Control system in place which ensures that every product manufactured in our factory, complies with the requirements of BSEN1176 and BSEN1177.

The Quality Control Manager is responsible for ensuring that all products are tested, before being released from the factory.

Once the required tests have been carried out on a product, it is signed off as safe. This procedure ensures that children who play on our products are completely safe.

Once the product leaves the factory, it is dispatched for installation in your school or early child development centre’s playground with our installation specialists.

This process ensures that you have peace of mind knowing that any equipment purchased from us, has been manufactured to meet and exceed British Standards.

Irlam Primary School

Innovation & Training


Creative Play prides itself in offering a service that is centred around innovation and design. We encourage our staff to be experimental and creative, when thinking of new ideas and prototypes for products that can be manufactured in the future.

This means that our team is constantly looking ahead at what can be created next, to further improve upon the services we offer and our ever growing portfolio of playground equipment.

From time to time, one of these experimental ideas does actually become a new product that goes into production!

Kestrel House School


All of our product designers have the technical ability and skills to create new ideas, offer design solution(s), make design decisions, identify pain points and offer project solutions to each industrial design and final product.

In addition to this, our staff have been through a thorough training process.

The training process ensures that our staff has knowledge and understanding of the requirements within the specialised industry we serve.

The staff we train on product design and development, manufacturing and installation of equipment, all have the knowledge to not only create new ideas, but implement them, too.


Creative Play’s unique design and safety process ensures that your children will be playing on products which are fun, exciting and completely safe.

To talk to our product design team about our design process in further detail, or if you require a combination of usability examples, contact us today!

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