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Private Day Nurseries Playgrounds

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We are passionate about helping our clients to find the exact combination to suit the young people who will be using their play space. Our aim is to see your child develop their senses and use them to fully understand their world.

Our Private Day Nursery playground options

Whether you’re looking for a play tower system, swings, roundabouts, slides, or all of the above, we can find the ideal options for you. We’ll help you ensure that the children who use your new outdoor play space really get that ‘WOW’ factor!

We’re experienced working across a variety of requirements with regards to available budget and space, so we can work with your team to get the perfect equipment for your location.

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Our Process Step by Step

Here at Creative Play, our team have been designing, manufacturing and installing high-quality playground equipment in a variety of spaces around the UK since 1991.

Customers who have worked with us to develop exciting new outdoor playgrounds and play areas include schools, nurseries, holiday parks, parish councils, pub/restaurants and local authorities.

Creative Play is a leading supplier of excellent playground equipment for private day nurseries in the UK.

We design, create and supply high-quality equipment that you can use to foster play and education in children, attending your day nursery. Our experts have over 30 years experience providing creative play items. You can trust us to deliver ideal playground equipment that’ll suit the kids you receive in your day nursery.

Here are some of the great playground equipment for private day nurseries that we offer:

Playhouses & Den Making

Perfect for 2-5 year-olds in private day nurseries. The playhouses and den making range we provide, boost communication skills and confidence as kids play, chat and learn.


These and the Lilliput playtowns, incorporate all 7 areas of learning and are a great addition to your playground equipment for the day nursery. They are colourful, interesting, fun play spaces that encourage patience, teamwork, communication and other social skills.

Playtown Activity Panels

Our playtown activity panel range has fantastic, colourful, playground equipment that the little ones in a private day nursery will enjoy playing with. They boost creativity and social skills in children, as they act out different scenarios.

Activity Playboards

Some fantastic activity playboards kids in a private day nursery can enjoy playing with include;

  • Painting Station
  • Shop Front
  • Motor Play Panel
  • Shape Wall Panel
  • Bubble Viewing Boards
  • Chalkboards
  • Whiteboards

Early Years Trim Items

We have a collection of very interesting early years trim items that provide exciting play. These help the kids in day nurseries improve their social and motor skills.

Shapes And Prints

Shapes and prints are not just for fun, but help improve a child’s knowledge of the world around them.

Some interesting prints we have are;

  • Bear Prints
  • Dinosaur Prints
  • Duck Prints
  • Foot Prints

Character & Objects

These too are very interesting and help very young children learn about their world. We have a broad range of these available, all of which are very creative.


Children in day nurseries have always enjoyed vehicle toys. To provide fun and promote imaginative development in children, we have the following toys:

  • Land Ranger
  • Tractor
  • Fire Engine
  • Toddler Train
  • Mini Train
  • Motor Play Panel


Our range of educational play items can change how children learn, in day nurseries. Check out our broad collection of excellent educational items.

Fencing & Storage

Our fencing and storage improves the safety and security of a private day nurseries play area.

Our range of unique fencing and storage is an ancillary product, which you can use with our outdoor playground equipment for day nurseries.

We have more fantastic options to help you change how children play and learn in your private day nursery.

Please feel free to contact us for assistance in selecting the playground equipment that’ll suit your children better. Our experts are always eager and happy to help.


Local Authority Playground


With your own play garden, you are guaranteed to be offering children a great way to keep them stimulated and active while developing the Early Years seven key areas of learning at the same time.

Children playing on Spring Riders


The installation of a play garden demonstrates that you are passionate about providing the best learning experience for children in your care.

New Playground


Ensuring that your outdoor space is fulfilling for children will add a competitive unique selling point, appealing to prospective customers and helping to stay ahead of the competition.

Colourful Playground


Having a colourful, welcoming outdoor play garden automatically welcomes children with open arms as it invites them to play, discover and encourages social interaction with other children. Communicating to prospective parents that you have their children’s development and best interest at heart.

If you can’t find what you need why not speak to one of our friendly team members

Top Items

Below showcases some of the top items, our customers have chosen as a part of their new playground installations. What would you have in yours?