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Key Stage 1 & 2 Playground Equipment

Outdoor play facilities have become an increasingly important part of educational settings, with structured play able to considerably improve a child’s personal and social skills, even at a very early age. Finding the right playground equipment for transforming your space into a vibrant and exciting play area is a key task.

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Our KS1 & KS2 playground options

Creative Play have helped many clients around the UK to achieve this by providing children with playground equipment that will be both fun and challenging, helping to create an engaging environment.

We offer a wide range of outdoor play equipment, with each piece designed specifically to help develop and improve children’s fundamental skills and help support key curriculum objectives and requirements.

The playground equipment we design for educational settings helps to facilitate a full range of essential physical and social skills that are important to children’s experience and progress, by encouraging them to learn through engaging outdoor playtime, offering a range of stimulating activities that fit within many of the key stages of their development.

A well-designed play area and cross-curriculum linked playground can help to stimulate the excitement, imagination, social skills and behavioural changes of young children when you select the right outdoor play equipment. You can do this while also promoting multi-sensory engagement and positive play behaviour with other young children, all contributing to the overall key development benefits that are so important for children.


Physical Exercise and Learning


 Outdoor play promotes a variety of health benefits without children knowing they are keeping fit and healthy! Physical activity is vital to a child’s development, encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle from a young age. Active children are more likely to take these health habits in to adulthood, to help manage weight, increase cardiovascular performance, reducing the risk of heart disease, along with many other health benefits.


Physical activity leads to the release of endorphins, also known as the feel-good hormone, which means children have a better frame of mind following exercise. Children who are active in their early stages of school are more likely to have healthy habits later in life, build a positive relationship with exercise, while also reducing the early signs of anxiety and depression.


Our playgrounds are designed to promote muscle activity, cognitive and social skills in children. Key areas are encouraging children to use various muscle groups to climb and manoeuvre around apparatus, building core strength, balance, coordination, and spatial awareness.


We understand that a child’s social and emotional development is essential to lead a happy life. Our products are designed specifically to encourage children to communicate naturally through role play, allowing children to explore their emotional, psychological, and social abilities.

Top Items

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