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Playground Equipment For Town Councils

The local councils work hard to provide ideal spaces where kids in urban settings can run, play and be active. These town councils go out of their way to obtain the best playground equipment that’ll entice children to be involved in and participate in active outdoor play.

Creative Play has for many years worked with town councils, delivering excellent options of playground equipment. We have been tasked to design, create and install many of the most functional, fantastic playground equipment in town councils play spaces.

To support the idea of town councils and encourage life skills, attitudes and habits among children in various urban settings, our specialists always come up with expertly designed playground equipment. Our play equipment promotes the interaction of children from various backgrounds that are usually found in towns. Besides the new and important bonds that we help these children acquire, we also ensure they reap a broad range of health and mental benefits, through the playground equipment we provide and install.

Here are some ideal playground equipment for town councils we supply:


For many years swings have been the favourite piece of playground equipment for almost all town council play areas. They are undoubtedly one of the most fun equipment for children of all ages.

We provide and install some of the best designs of swings. As kids play, interact and push each other on the swings, they acquire confidence, cooperation, communication and other social skills.

Zip Wires

Do you want to provide playground equipment that’ll offer thrilling play to children in town councils play areas? If so, our Zip Wires are an excellent choice! These will provide a safe and exciting way of moving between two points very quickly, while suspended mid-air, allowing excitement for children of all ages.

Our Zip Wires will introduce Ziplining to children, allowing them to develop a liking for the activity. Also this piece of fantastic playground equipment allows kids to improve their physical development, enabling them to enhance their balance and coordination as they have fun.

Our experts would be delighted to help you find Zip Wires that would be perfect for town councils play areas.

Jigsaw Towers

Jigsaw towers offer many possibilities of innovative extensions, of intriguing ladders and slides. Our range of Jigsaw Towers for instance are available in many designs and a wide array of additionals, to make play more active and interesting. 

The interesting structure of jigsaw towers always invites children to climb, balance, navigate, jump or slide. These make a perfect addition to any town council’s playground as they encourage active play. Children playing on our jigsaw towers benefit from a range of physical health benefits including enhanced muscle strength, motor skills and cardio fitness.

Jigsaw towers allow the play of more than one child, which promotes interaction, cooperation which not only increases bonds among children but also enhances their social skills.

Talk to us about your requirements for a jigsaw tower, your budget, the expected number of users and the available space. Our specialists will then design an amazing, extremely functional jigsaw tower for kids in the urban area to enjoy.

Adventure Trails and Climbing Frames

We design, create, and install some fantastic adventure trails and climbing frames for kids of 7 years all the way up to teenagers.  Our designs have many features that are not only attractive to entice kids but also full of advantages. Children involved in the active play of climbing, balancing and navigating through the different features of the adventure trails, acquire a lot. Some of which include physical benefits such as enhanced muscle strength, improved balance & coordination, and cardio fitness.

Creative Play has a variety of options that can greatly improve any urban area play setting, so get in touch with us today.

Town Council playground options

Over the years we have worked with many Local Authorities, Parish Councils and Community groups. We understand the importance of choosing the right supplier and equipment for your outdoor project.









The benefits of a Town Council playground


Children and teens who keep active, are more likely to live a healthier lifestyle as it can help control weight, build strong bones and muscles, reduce signs of anxiety/depression and also reduce the risk of heart disease.


Adding a play area to your town demonstrates to your existing and new potential residents, that you welcome families, children and adults, of all ages.


Installation of a play area with a combination of all the other points mentioned shows that you are a warm welcoming, close knit community and care about the children growing up within the town. By adding a playground to the town, promotes communication and builds friendships between residents.


Our playgrounds are designed to promote muscle activity, cognitive and social skills in children. Having active and healthy children promotes a happy and health community.

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