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Our Secondary School playground options

We try to cater for all ages and abilities and using our experience we know how important outdoor activities are to people of all ages.

Taking the gym outdoors has become increasingly popular and provides many benefits including enjoying the outdoors improving moods, it is low cost as you don’t have to be paying for a monthly gym membership and the ease of access walking to your local park is much easier than sitting in traffic!

But it is not all about outdoor gym equipment, many teens (and adults) love playing sport games and we provide a wide selection of outdoor sports products including MUGA’s (Multi-Use Games Area) which can cater for several sporting games all in one pitch such as Basketball, Netball and Football!

What do we want to do after exercise? – Chill! We provide a wide selection of seating for all occasions, this could include parents watching over their children whilst they play, a youth shelter for teens to meet and relax after a game of football on the MUGA!









Playground Equipment For Secondary Schools

Creative Play has been designing, constructing and installing bespoke playground equipment for children of all ages, including those in secondary schools. Our experience spans over 30 years in which we have delivered quality playground equipment for many secondary schools.

Some of the fantastic playground equipment for secondary schools that we offer include:

Multi-Use Games Area (MUGAs)

Multi-Use Games Areas have grown increasingly popular in secondary schools, thanks to the many benefits they allow. MUGAs have an endless range of uses, allowing a variety of sports activities to take place in the area. Any secondary school can utilise a single play area to facilitate between 15 to 20 different sports by installing MUGAs.

Contact us for our fantastic MUGAs, to promote sporting activities in your secondary school, encourage outdoor play in children to help keep them active, engaged and reap the many physical and cognitive benefits.

We install innovative MUGAs that eliminate the boredom of a single game, since they can be customised to accommodate a wide range of games and sports.

Outdoor Gym Equipment

Children in secondary schools are full of energy and many would want to work out. Providing a well-equipped, outdoor gym space, allows these children to exercise regularly in the best environments. They will certainly find it highly enjoyable to work out!

We install excellent outdoor gym equipment in secondary schools to help facilitate working out. These are designed to provide an array of health and physical benefits including improved cardio fitness, enhanced muscle strength, as well as improved balance, flexibility and coordination. Children in high school who work out, perform better in other sports and their education.

Our high-quality outdoor gym equipment can withstand the strain of use by secondary school children, as well as the outdoor elements.

You can promote a healthier active life in children in your secondary school, by purchasing our fantastic range of outdoor gym equipment.

Aerial Runaways

Older children in secondary schools enjoy playing with aerial runaways and zip wires, moving quickly from one point to another while being suspended mid-air. Many even compete with their peers.

You can encourage the love of ziplining in secondary school children, by having our specialists install our fantastic aerial runaways and zip lines. The thrill these playground equipment options provide, improve courage and confidence in children. The competitive play children can invent while ziplining is important when it comes to enhancing communication, social skills and active play.


Our stages are great for topics such as drama and other subjects in secondary schools.  We offer excellent half octagon stages which you can extend and purchase, with added activity boards to effectively facilitate drama subject activities. Since teaching drama in secondary schools is vital, we have stage options that allow you to choose a seating layout. 

Teach drama in secondary schools by having us deliver high-quality choices of stage equipment.

Please feel free to contact us and talk to our experts on how to improve your playground equipment in secondary schools.

The benefits of a Secondary School playground


A playground can offer many key health benefits to older children which include, increased levels of cardiovascular fitness and muscular performance and endurance.


Our playgrounds are designed to promote muscle activity, cognitive and social skills in children of all ages!


Children and teens who keep active, are more likely to live a healthier lifestyle as it can help control weight, build strong bones and muscles, reduce signs of anxiety/depression and also reduce the risk of heart disease.


Our equipment is designed specifically, with this important development in both younger and older children in mind, allowing each child to explore their own physical, psychological and social abilities.

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