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Autumn 2017 Newsletter

Autumn is nearing and here at Creative Play we have had a very busy Summer! From installations, attending events, introducing new product ranges and becoming members of the Youth Sports Trust! We have summarised our on goings below to keep you in the loop! Summer Installations Our installation teams have been extremely busy this summer…

Berlin Nursery Begins Toy-Free Experiment

A Berlin nursery has begun a toy-free experiment with the intention of educating its children on different ways to play. This will come as a surprise to many, as while there’s increasing concern about an overreliance on electronics and screens, very few in recent times have suggested that the toy animals, blocks, cars, board games…

How to Design the Perfect Playground: 6 Golden Rules From a Veteran Playground Designer

  Günter Beltzig is one of the most renowned adventure playground designers. Over the past 40 years, he has created innovative playgrounds all over the world, from his home in Germany to New York, Puerto Rico and London’s Diana Memorial Playground. Rather than the traditional swing and slide set-up, Beltzig’s playgrounds are known for their…

5 of the Most Awesome Science-Inspired Playgrounds

It’s often said that young children are natural born scientists. Their inclinations to touch, taste and question anything within their eyesight can at times be frustrating, but it’s their way of understanding the world around them. These early scientific discoveries are what drives children’s development. The best playgrounds are built to foster children’s inquisitive nature…

Our May Brochure is on it’s way to you!

Our Mailer is on its way to you right now!! Haven’t received it? Download it: ME106 Low res A3 Sports and Fitness Pull out LOW RES For more than 25 years, we have been working with individuals throughout the UK to create amazing playgrounds and educational outdoor learning environments. In this time we have created…

Product of the Week: Mud Kitchen Midi

You have voted and its official: our Mud Kitchen Midi has been named victorious and has been crowded Product of the Week!

Our Accreditations

At Creative Play we are dedicated to ensure we provide our customers with the best playground developments possible. All the way through design, manufacture and installation, our accreditations guarantee that our services are to the highest of standards.

Creative Play’s Safety Surfacing!

Choosing the right playground safety surfacing can seem like a difficult task but Creative Play are here to help! Read more about the different types of surfacing we offer and how they can benefit your outdoor play space.