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Prospect House Playground Development

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Prospect House Primary Specialist Support School

Higher Blackley, Manchester

As a specialist support school, Prospect House provides a learning environment for pupils with SEND. The school offers opportunities for its pupils to learn, grow and develop while taking their individual needs into consideration.

With this in mind, their playground would also need to continue the schools commitment to specialist support, outside of the classroom.

When designing the space, it was important to provide a suitable balance of different challenges, including climbing, traversing and sensory play.

This allows the children to express themselves through play in a variety of different ways, as well as promoting social and interactive play.

children playing on playground equipment at an SEN school


It was also vital that inclusivity wad considering during the design of the development, allowing for children with different needs to be an active part of play times. Primarily targeting sensory needs, many items also help develop fine & gross motor skills.

As an outdoor play area, the main goal was still to provide a fun and expressive space, and Prospect House have done just that.

It has been great to see how well received the playground has been by the children at Prospect House, and truly makes the efforts of everyone involved worthwhile.

children playing on playground equipment at an SEN school

How did we create this amazing playground?

We used a mix of products designed with children of all ages and abilities in mind. Take a look at some of the products we incorporated into this playground development:

Bespoke Quad Jigsaw Tower   |   Adventure Trail 12 (L-Shaped)   |   Drums   |   Glockenspiel   |   Rainwheel   |   Bells   |   Mound Tunnel (Angled)


children playing on playground equipment at an SEN school

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