Sensory Play for EYFS Settings – How we can help!

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There are many educational benefits to sensory play, but one area that it can help develop greatly is a child’s creativity. Children are constantly learning to create throughout their childhood, something we at Creative Play are passionate about supporting and helping to cultivate. While problem solving and decision making are often seen as the most obvious cognitive skills to be developed and fine-tuned by sensory play, linguistic experts are also quick to sing the praises of a more sensory approach to early years learning.

We have designed many products with this in mind and want to continue the support of development through sensory play.

We have highlighted some of our top products within our sensory range and highlighted their benefits to children within the EYFS sector, take a look….


Messy Play Table

Our Messy Play table is one of our newer products launched as part of our new Toddle Town range. The table is perfect for allowing children discover and explore while undergoing open-ended play. The Messy Play Table features two mounted chalk boards, tow sinks, a utensil rod and a storage shelf. These features will allow children to really get in touch with their imaginative and sensory side to cook up a storm!

Click here to view our Messy Play Table



Water Wall (EYFS)

The Water Wall EYFS is part of our Early Years specific water play range. The wall encourages children to experiment with the flow and movement of water whilst working with their friends to figure out the best way for the water to flow, improving social and communitive skills. Water Play encourages learning in all development areas so is an all-round product for sensory and creative play!

Click here to view our Water Wall (EYFS)



Timber Sandbox

Sand is an excellent tool for exposing children to a wide range of sensory experiences. Our Timber Sandbox provides an area for children to experiment with the sand and provides endless hours of fun. Whether building a sand castle, letting the sand run through their fingers or using objects to create shapes and boundaries, the possibly are endless. Our Timber Sandbox also comes with a robust sliding lid to keep the sand covered when not in use.

Click here to view our Timber Sandbox



Nursery Play Boards

In addition to explore sensory play, let children unleash their creativity with our range of EYFS Play Boards. Again, these are some of our newer products part of the Toddle Town range and have been designed at a low level to allow children to comfortably reach and get creative. Let them draw and scribble, colour and practice their writing skills on our Wipe and Chalk Boards. Or let them weave on our weave board and create a rainbow of beauty, there is so much you can do with our Play Boards! Children can use these individually or with their friends to develop social and communication skills.

Click here to view our Nursery Play Boards


These products are just a small snap shot of the sensory products we provide and we will continue to ensure we provide the ultimate play experience for children whilst still keeping in mind the importance of development.

If you are looking to update your outdoor play area and wish to discuss the possible options for your space, please contact us today. We have a team of friendly advisers waiting to hear from you and offer advice and guidance. Don’t forget, we also provide a free consultation and quotation service!


We look forward to hearing from you! J