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Outdoor Play at Creative Play

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At Creative Play, we understand the significance of outdoor play in a child’s development. It not only enhances their fundamental movement skills but also provides a platform for creativity and imaginative role play together. With this in mind, we have meticulously designed a wide range of products that engage multiple children and encourage the development of these essential skills through creative play

Developing Fine Motor Skills

Outdoor play plays a crucial role in the development of fine motor skills in children. Engaging in various activities and experiences in an outdoor setting provides opportunities for children to refine their fine and gross motor skills and abilities. Here are a few ways outdoor play supports the development of fine motor skills:

Sand and Water Play

Sand and water play are excellent for developing motor skills through creative play. Pouring water, scooping sand, building sandcastles, and using tools like shovels and buckets all require intricate hand and finger movements.

The sensory experience provided by sand and water enhances children’s cognitive skills, tactile perception, physical development, hand-eye coordination, and grip strength.

Climbing and Swinging

Playground equipment like climbing frames, monkey bars, and swings require children to grasp, hold, and coordinate their movements to navigate and maintain balance.

These activities engage the muscles in their hands, arms, and core, strengthening their fine motor skills and developing spatial awareness.

Outdoor Games and Sports

Playing games and sports in an outdoor setting involves activities such as throwing, catching, kicking, and batting. These actions require hand-eye coordination, precision, and controlled movements, which contribute to the children’s physical skills.

Overall, outdoor play provides a rich and diverse sensory environment that stimulates emotional development and challenges children’s fine motor skills.

By engaging in various outdoor activities, children develop their hand and finger muscles, coordination, and control, setting a strong foundation for their fine motor skill development.

Creative outdoor play

As the sun shines, water play becomes even more enticing. Our Mud Kitchen Mini, designed with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) in mind, provides a sensory area where children can experiment, learn, and collaborate. It encourages exploratory play and facilitates the development of communication skills. With the Mud Kitchen Midi, children have the opportunity to engage in messy play, fostering their creativity and imagination.

Imaginative play

No outdoor play space is complete without sand, and our Sandhut Major is a popular choice of playground project for nurseries and schools. It serves a dual purpose, acting as a sandbox and transforming into a performance stage when closed. This versatile feature encourages imaginative play, allowing children to immerse themselves in various roles through creative activities and scenarios.

Encourage creative play

We believe in taking learning outdoors, and our Digging Planter Allotment provides the perfect environment to do so. It offers an ideal space for where children learn to engage with nature and wildlife while developing their understanding of seeds and plants. This hands-on experience enables them to connect with the natural world and expand their knowledge in an interactive and engaging manner.


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At Creative Play, we are committed to providing exceptional outdoor play solutions that inspire children’s imagination, further creative thinking, promote active play, and contribute to their overall development.

Join us in creating memorable and enriching play experiences for children of all ages.

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