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What Items Are In A Playground

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By definition, a playground is a place for children to play and have fun.

It’s a key area of every school and there are local playgrounds open to members of the public as well.

Some playgrounds are inherently different from others, but what items can you typically expect to see in one?

Usually, you can split playground equipment up into a few different categories:

  • Climbing & Activity Equipment
  • Freestanding Equipment
  • Imaginative Play Equipment
  • Outdoor Sports Equipment
  • Play Towers
  • Swings, Springs & Spinners
  • Trim Trails

Of course, within each category, there are different individual pieces of equipment you might find in a playground such as…

Climbing & Activity

This includes anything that kids can use to climb, such as climbing walls, climbing frames and the classic jungle climbers with rope bridges, etc.

They’re designed to help kids unleash their inner explorer and adventurer!

Freestanding Equipment

Most likely to be found in school playgrounds, this includes things like sandpits, mud kitchens, role play areas and much more.

Sheltered areas with seating can also come under this heading, allowing places for children to come together as a group and have lessons outside.

Imaginative Play Equipment

A really fun category that’s full of playground items that spur a child’s imagination.

We’re talking pirate ships and boats, playhouses and dens, stationary vehicles – the list goes on and on.

The aim is for kids to take these items and come up with their own imaginative adventures while they’re playing.

Outdoor Sports Equipment

This includes a wide range of playground equipment that allows kids to play a variety of sports.

A common inclusion in many playgrounds is a basketball hoop, but you can also add goal ends and sports walls for kids to play football in the playground as well.

There are even wall panels that can display cricket wickets, showcasing just how many sports can be played in a playground with the right items on display!

Play Towers

Sometimes, play towers can come under the imaginative play equipment heading.

However, they do exist as a category on their own because they provide kids with so many different ways of having fun.

A typical play tower could consist of a castle with a climbing wall on one side, a pole on the other, a rope bridge and a big slide.

It’s normally the centrepiece of a playground and the main area where kids want to play.

Swings, Springs & Spinners

You can have all manner of different swings in a playground for kids to use as they please.

Spinners and springs refer to items that rotate around or bounce up and down.

Seesaws come under the spring heading, and you can have those little rocking horses/animals on springs as well.

Trim Trails

Finally, you have trim trails. These consist of little trails for children to make their way through.

It can include hanging ropes, rope bridges, monkey bars and so much more. They’re designed to test kids and build both strength and confidence.


Not every playground needs all of these items in it, but you usually see a collection of them in one place. Or, you can have playgrounds that are focused on one particular

category – such as one that just has sports equipment or only has trim trails. The beauty of playgrounds is that they are so diverse and can be made with many amazing items!