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The Many Benefits Of Sensory Play

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The Many Benefits Of Sensory Play


Here at Creative Play, we provide a range of amazing sensory play equipment, to help children develop their senses in all sorts of fun and creative ways.

Sensory play goes beyond just physical development in children. Through sensory play you are also encouraging imagination, coordination, language development and social skills!
Sensory play is the perfect way to encourage your child’s development.

From encouraging social skills through sharing sensory bins with friends, practising language skills by describing what is in the sensory bin or discussing different textures and feelings…this play encourages each child to communicate with others as well as learn about the world.

Why Sensory Activities Are Important

Sensory activities not only aid in the development of each child’s fine motor skills but also their cognitive (learning), social and emotional skills as well!

In addition to the above, sensory exploration will help a child develop:

  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills
  • Their imagination
  • Five key senses: Taste, Smell, Touch, Sound and Sight
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Sensory Play Activities

There are numerous pieces of playground equipment available from us here at Creative Play, that have been designed and manufactured with the following key elements in mind:

  • Children’s Safety
  • Durability
  • Maximum Strength
  • Resilience
  • Variety of Play

Sand Hut Major

Our outstanding Sand Hut Major is intended to aid in the development of essential senses while playing imaginative games.

The Sandhut Major may also be closed to enable children to build their confidence as performers on an ideal performance stage.

With so many features geared towards encouraging kids to be creative while also improving their social skills at school or just having some good fun, this sensory item provides a tactile and visual experience that kids love.

Play Boards

If you are looking for something a little more traditional, then why not consider our play boards which can be used in playgrounds and sensory gardens.

As children play and explore the various sounds and rhythms of the board, play boards enhance children’s fine and gross motor skills.

We also have a painting station in our sensory play collection, which is a fantastic addition to the mix.

The painting station encourages children to be creative, imaginative and foster their sense of balance.

Other popular sensory play equipment available within our range include:

  • Squirrel Feeder Maze
  • Water Play Maxi
  • Mud Kitchen Mini
  • Double Bubble Viewing Board

View our full range of unique sensory play ideas and equipment here.

Sensory Bin

Sensory bins and sensory tubs are the perfect way to encourage kids to think outside the box, whilst encouraging language skills and social interaction, through sensory play.
Providing sensory materials such as rice, pasta or lentils in a container, can get younger kids thinking about how they are going to play with it.
The possibilities are endless within a sensory bin; you could add tools for digging and empty containers with lids, to store items in etc.
The idea is that the child only uses the objects provided to play however they wish!

Messy Play

A messy sensory play activity is described as the kind of play that can get mucky, sticky and provides a whole load of fun for both young children and older kids.

Why Is It Important?

Great sensory play aids the development of children’s sensory skills by using all five senses.

Create fun sensory activities which encourages active play and promotes valuable motor skills within each child. There is no better way for children to learn and develop, than through sensory fun!

By engaging with each child during a sensory activity, you encourage them to talk about and describe; what sounds they are hearing, what they can smell, what they can taste, if something is hard or soft. All of which is a huge part of brain development too!

Begin to discover if a specific sensory activity is helping a child to stay calm, refocus or build up their excitement levels, by simply talking to them.

What Can I Use For Messy Play?

You can include many different materials such as paint, shaving cream, play dough, cloud dough, moon sand plus lots more.

Consider some of our top selling pieces of sensory play equipment, that will help little ones reap all the benefits of messy sensory play activity.

Age Range

Unique sensory activities are important for young children such as preschoolers and toddlers. Sensory play helps children learn through sensory exploration, social skills and hand-eye coordination. It also allows them to be creative while developing fine motor skills, discovering new things without worrying about getting dirty.

Safety First!

We all know children can be quite a force of nature, which means it is vitally important that children of all ages are supervised during sensory play activities, by an adult, at all times.


Sensory Play is essential in early childhood development. It is through sensory play that babies, toddlers and preschoolers are encouraged to explore, understand and learn about their worlds.

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Remember: Supervise Sensory Play at ALL TIMES!

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