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Torbant Caravan Park

Torbant Caravan Park

Croesgoch, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, SA62 5JN

Torbant Caravan Park reached out to Creative Play after previously having our equipment installed and being very impressed. The park was now looking to create… Full Details

Budget: £30,000 - £35,000

Sherwood - WO110

£9,982.00 exc. VAT

Basket Swing - S111

£2,196.00 exc. VAT

Swing Barrier - S113

£216.00 exc. VAT

Motor Play Panel - PB112

£700.00 exc. VAT

Rope Walk - CH119

£912.00 exc. VAT

Stilts - CH121

£658.00 exc. VAT

Swinging Log - CH110

£742.00 exc. VAT

Jelly Board - CH103

£745.00 exc. VAT

Zigzag Beam - CH112

£702.00 exc. VAT

Rope Bridge - CH104

£774.00 exc. VAT

Stepping Logs - CH118

£350.00 exc. VAT

Noughts & Crosses - PB106

£656.00 exc. VAT

Park Bench Double Length - CP050

£482.00 exc. VAT

Wetpour Safety Surfacing - SUR101

£0.00 exc. VAT

Torbant Caravan Park reached out to Creative Play after previously having our equipment installed and being very impressed. The park was now looking to create a brand new play area to serve as a focal point on a new section at the site.

After initial consultation, they were looking for a variety of equipment including a central Tower System, Trim Trail, Swings and loved the idea of colourful Wetpour surfacing with inlaid splashes. We were tasked with providing an exciting and engaging new play area which would dramatically improve the park’s facilities.

Time was a key factor in this development as Torbant Caravan Park was on a strict deadline to have the project finished as soon as possible. After hearing the ideas Torbant Caravan Park had for the development we came up with a detailed design proposal based on the requirements specified. Our proposal was presented to the customer and a final design was agreed.
Torbant Caravan Park had chosen various items of Trim Trail including our Swinging Log, Rope Bridge and Stilts. Our Sherwood Tower System was also incorporated to make a perfect focal point to the new playground! The Sherwood has a huge variety of play features to promote active, social and creative play over multiple levels, keeping children busy for hours! Play panels were also chosen including Noughts and Crosses and a Motor play panel for imaginative play.

In addition to the above, we installed our popular Basket Swing with swing barriers. All the equipment chosen makes for a playground suitable for multiple age ranges and guaranteed to provide fun for all. To ensure the play area met the BSEN 1177 requirements, we recommended Wetpour safety surfacing to be laid under the equipment, allowing all weather use.
This was an opportunity for us to make a real feature of the playground, laying Blue Wetpour with brightly coloured splashes around different pieces of equipment to highlight routes of play and create separate zones.

The grounds at Torbant Caravan Park offered a large grassed area to create the new playground. Our sales and design team worked closely with the customer to produce an innovative, practical and exciting playground proposal, consisting of new equipment as well as an intricate surfacing design.
All the teams involved in this project worked extremely hard to ensure a smooth installation that provided minimal disruption to the everyday running of the Caravan Park. The end result was fantastic. The colours of the equipment and the surfacing complimented the area perfectly, definitely delivering the ‘wow factor’ they were looking for! We are very proud to have been part of this project.