Cameley CE Primary School

Meadway,, Temple Cloud,, Bristol,, Somerset,, BS39 5BD

Budget: £5,000 - £10,000

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Vertical Twisted Net - CH133

from £998

Ramp Jump - CH102

from £574

Overhead Ladder - CH120

from £1486

Clatterbridge - CH106

from £1397

Motor Play Panel - PB112

from £795

Noughts & Crosses - PB106

from £745

Bells - MP108

from £1049

Drums - MP101

from £799

The staff at Cameley CE Primary School were looking to redevelop their playground by replacing their existing old apparatus with new play equipment with the aim to increase physical activity and play. They liked the idea of new Trim Trail equipment to create a fun activity circuit for the children.

We created an activity circuit for the children at Cameley using popular items from our Challenger Trim Trail range. This fantastic range is called Challenger because the items are just that, a challenge to the children using them. Designed to develop upper and lower body strength, improve agility and co-ordination and increase stamina, these popular adventure trails provide children with hours of fun, no matter what their level of fitness. The items we included were chin-up bars, a ramp jump, jelly board, clatterbridge, overhead ladder and a vertical twisted net. We added a solar powered stopwatch to the area which allows children to be
able to time each other and challenge themselves during play.

We added a motor play panel and noughts and crosses from our extensive range of playboards. Our playboards add colour, social play and educational elements to any playground. We also installed bells and drums from our range of music playboards to include an element of creative and sensory play.