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Top School Playground Trends of 2017/2018

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With over 25 years in the play industry, Creative Play have seen many playground trends throughout its time. From a strong focus on physical activity to innovative large-scale tower systems and intricate safety surfacing designs, we take you through 6 playground trends we have noticed rising in popularity this academic year.

Trend One: Sports Activity Trails

Ideal for encouraging physical activity during both break times & PE lessons, sports activity trails are ideal for promoting a more active lifestyle. Whether you select one of our pre-designed circuits or decide to handpick each item individually, we have items that provide lots of different physical activities for children to conquer! Trail pieces such as our Tyre Crossing and Balance Beam are all about focusing on balance skills whilst items such as our popular A-Frame Double Net and Climbing Wall are all about improving traversing and coordination abilities.

Again, a great tool for promoting physical activity during both play times and PE lessons, we are increasingly seeing a trend here at Creative Play with schools utilising their PE & Sport Premium Funding with a sports activity trail.

PRODUCTs SHOWN: A-frame DOUBLE Net, Chin Up Bars, Treadmill, Tyre Crossing

Trend Two: Custom Designed, Modular Tower Systems

Not even two years old, our Jigsaw Play Tower range at Creative Play is already a big fan favourite and our most popular tower system range to date! Designed to be a completely modular range, individual play components can be selected piece by piece to create your ideal tower system for your individual needs, area size and budget. With platforms heights ranging from 0.6m to a whopping 2.1m and a wide range of play features to choose from, the only limit is your imagination!

From EYFS to KS2, SEN to academies, many schools up and down the country already have their own custom Tower System completely bespoke to their individual outdoor play environment. Plus, with more and more play features being added since its launch, we can’t wait to see what new designs are created in the future!

PRODUCT SHOWN: Custom Jigsaw Tower System (3 Towers)

Trend Three: Daily Mile Running Tracks

With more and more schools taking part in The Daily Mile, otherwise known as The Golden Mile, pupils throughout the UK (and beyond!) are now running, jogging or walking for 15 minutes every day! Here at Creative Play we love this concept as it allows children to stay active, motivated and focused throughout the day – and it seems you are too!

Whether you require a large safety surfacing running track or just need to brighten up your tarmac area with a few themed thermoplastic markings, such as footprints or a stop/start line, we’ll be able to make your outdoor space Daily/Golden Mile ready!


Trend Four: Outdoor Classrooms & Learning Environments

With events such as Outdoor Classroom Day and forest schools increasing in popularity, we’re seeing a big increase in the demand for outdoor learning environments. The perfect place to take learning outside and encourage children to explore the world around them, outdoor classrooms are ideal for increasing class participation and boosting imaginative play.

Not just classroom shelters, here at Creative Play we have a wide range of supporting items ideal for aiding outdoor learning- items such as our Chalk Board, Art Stage and Water Play items are always popular for enhancing these environments.

PRODUCT SHOWN: Octavia Shelter (5m)

Trend Five: Games Inlaid into Safety Surfacing

A great way of adding in extra play value, especially when space is limited, we are seeing more and more of our installations incorporating classic games, such as hopscotches and targets, into our safety surfacing.

Predominately in our Wetpour Safety Surfacing, this allows a wide range of colours to be included, allowing for a final impressive design.

But it doesn’t stop there! We are also including other designs such as fish and pirate-themed icons in our nautical themed play spaces as well as roadways and traffic lights – allowing us to incorporate imaginative play cues to aid play.


Trend Six: Inclusive Seating Areas

Finally, we are seeing an increased request for inclusive areas, particularity seating, across all our sectors. Whether this is schools, parish councils or businesses, the importance of inclusivity is becoming more known in the public zeitgeist and we at Creative Play are extremely happy to see this happening.

Whether this is through play equipment or seating, our talented in-house team will be able to help you meet the particular needs you want address and help create your inclusive space on a individual basis.

PRODUCTs SHOWN: Curved Modular Seating (4pc), Picnic Table (1.8m), Wheelchair Inclusive Picnic Table (2.4m)

Inspired by the playground trends we have been seeing this past year? Why not get in touch today and see how Creative Play can help rejuavante your existing (or brand new) outdoor play space.

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