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children’s educational development is underpinned by exploration. With this in mind, Creative Play have worked for over 25 years to create one of a kind sensory play areas that bring stimulation and stir curiosity in young minds. We aim to create playground equipment that will support children of varying backgrounds, ages and abilities, while allowing them to have fun in the safest possible setting.

Creative Play are recognised industry leaders and we take pride in providing only the highest quality sensory play equipment to our clients. Every one of our items is designed and crafted in-house by a team of experts, and can be installed anywhere in Stockport. We have pondered and pored over even the smallest items in our playground ranges to make sure that they are of full benefit to the children and young people who use them. There are hundreds of schools, local councils and individual businesses who can bear witness to our excellent service to them over the years. With such a wealth of experience, our services are highly flexible and can accommodate a variety of budget and location types and sizes. To help you even further, we offer a free consultation in which you can discuss every detail of your new playground with us.

Another reason we are so passionate about sensory play is that it is a great way to promote inclusion among children; something we know will be of interest to schools and councils in Stockport. Teachers and experts in early learning and schools alike have praised sensory play and the positive impact it has had on learning and development. In particular, our equipment has served to inspire children with many different special educational needs and give them a much needed boost of confidence in their education. The sensory play format has also proved highly effective in improving children’s motor skills, increasing their aptitude for problem solving and tightening their grasp of the English language as they‚are prompted to hone their descriptive words. Our goal is to help you envision and bring to life a playground that is full of the best and most creative sensory play equipment. The combination of fun hands-on activity with effective educational support is what makes sensory play so unique and explains its continuing dominance among early years learning schemes. If you‚ would like to witness a transformation in your facility then our sensory play equipment will be guaranteed to do the job. Whether you go for a climbing frame, water play, a trim trail, or all three, your young people will enjoy decades of fun.

We would love to show you some of our past projects, so head over to the case study pages on our website where you’ll gain some more insight into what we can deliver. While each of our clients differed in their aims, budgets and design preferences, they were all left extremely satisfied after partnering with Creative Play to achieve some impressive end results.

As we have said before, we can cater to any manner of requests regarding your project aims, your type of location and your allocated budget. Our friendly team are equipped with useful advice to ensure that your project runs smoothly and they would love to hear from you. Do not hesitate to contact us on 01244 375627, or send us an email on [email protected]

Alternatively, you can book a playground consultation at any time through our website or specify a more helpful time to receive a call back from us.

We‚ would love to have a more detailed conversation about finding the best option for your setting.

Please contact us on 01244 375627 or via email at [email protected] You can request a callback, or even book in your own free playground consultation, both at our website

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