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Creative Play are really excited to be transforming playtimes and enlivening young minds with their one-of-a-kind adventure playground equipment. For over 25 years we have been designing and building sensory play equipment that allows young people to have lots of fun whilst learning about the world around them. Our vibrant creations are tailored to support all ages, backgrounds and ability levels, because we want every child who uses our equipment to feel safe and welcome.

Our high-quality equipment is constructed in-house by a team of experts, who can install items for you at any Southport location. Even the smallest items within our playground ranges have undergone extensive thought to make sure that they offer real benefits to the young people who use them. There are hundreds of local councils, schools and individual businesses who can bear witness to our fantastic work. With such wide ranging experience, our highly flexible services can accommodate almost any location and budget requirements. To help you further, we can make a visit to your facility for a free consultation and discuss your new playground in detail.

Another reason that we‚are enthusiastic about sensory play is the degree to which it can help promote inclusivity among groups of children. We know that this is something that will be of interest to those who work with children in Southport as well. The sensory play format has been used frequently among experts in early learning because of the positive impact it has had on children’s academic progress. In particular, our equipment has helped to inspire development among children with many different special educational needs. Teachers have been amazed as children who previously struggled in school made leaps and bounds in their motor skills, problem solving capabilities and language acquisition. Ultimately, our wish is to work with you in bringing to life a play area that your children will never tire of. As experts in our field, we create some of the best and most creative equipment available anywhere in the world. By combining hands-on activity and learning support, the sensory play format is set apart from more traditional forms of education, and we‚are delighted to watch as it continues to improve early years learning schemes. Would your perfect playground include a riveting trim trail, a colourful swing set, a super fun climbing frame or perhaps all three? With Creative Play, you’ll be sure to find the perfect combination of options for your own setting.

We‚ would love to show you some of our past ventures, so head to our case study pages where you can gain some more insight in to what we are able to deliver. While each of our clients varied in their aims, budgets and design preferences, all of them were left extremely satisfied after partnering with Creative Play to attain some superb sensory play areas for their children. Any project aim, location type and budget can be catered to, with our friendly team keen to chat with you and offer helpful advice as you begin your new project. You can get hold of us today on 01244 375627, and .we’ll also answer any questions emailed to us on [email protected] Alternatively, you can book a playground consultation at any time through our website or select another time for us to call you back.

We‚ would love to have a more detailed conversation about finding the best option for your setting.

Please contact us on 01244 375627 or via email at [email protected] You can request a callback, or even book in your own free playground consultation, both at our website

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