The Best Types of Swing for Outdoor Playgrounds

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Having an outdoor playground at your school, nursery, park or even home is a very good idea, but making sure that the right equipment is installed in it is an even better idea. With the ideal playground equipment incorporated into the spaces, you give the children at home or in your school a chance at some real benefits, including:

1. Combining learning with fun
2. Enjoying their play while improving their physical skills
3. Gaining the physical benefits of exercise
4. Learn how to deal with small fears by taking measured risks
5. Learning how to co-ordinate play and socialise with other children

In short, you help children to get the most out of an outdoor playground by getting the right equipment. There are many items you can add to your ideal outdoor playground, but one of the most popular and enduring equipment pieces in almost every playground is a swing. Swings come in many types, so it might be tricky to pick the right one. To get an idea on some of the best swing types, we’ve put together a short guide with outdoor swings UK options that make great choices. Some of the best types of swing for outdoor playgrounds include:

Basket Swing: The basket swing is a popular outdoor swing choice with unique charm. A round basket-like shape gives it a different appearance and feel from a traditional swing. With a natural look, you can enhance any outdoor play space with this swing. This is one exciting addition to any playground, with a design to allow the young user to learn about gravity and momentum in a very exciting way, you can see why this swing is among the best. Remember the aim of modern playgrounds is to combine both fun, learning and creativity.

The basket swing is very useful. This type of swing is made to accommodate various ages, ranging from under 5 years of age to those above 16, if the basket is big enough! Basket swings come in many sizes, even big enough to allow more than one user in some designs. As mentioned earlier, it is a great idea to have a playground that promotes socialising, so maybe get a row of basket swings that allow children to enjoy swings together. With the design and size of the basket swing seat offering extra security, this swing is also a great idea for children with additional physical needs or those who need more assistance.

Double Swing (Cradle Seat): Another of the best outdoor swing examples is the double cradle seat swing. Since swings have been a traditional playground equipment design to exhilarate kids, it is always a good idea to have the chance for more than one user. The double swing allows more kids to enjoy this playground favourite, you could even have 2 pairs of children use the swing, pushing each other, enjoying themselves and learning how to co-operate. Children can get hours of fun from this safe and secure swing thanks to the great design of cradle seats. Similarly to basket swings, this swing type also enhances any play space with its natural appearance.

Double Swing (Flat Seat): You’d be missing a classic option if your outdoor playground doesn’t have the traditional flat seat swing. This, for many years, has been a favourite playground equipment, a staple playground choice for many years and it never seems to get old. Children will always run to a swing once they spot it in a playground. The flat seat is still one of the best outdoor swing seat options any playground can get. The flat design is especially good for slightly older children with more physical control, allowing them to actually swing themselves back and forth, providing fun even when alone.

You can get a range of very good wooden outdoor swings from Creative Play UK. All of the timbers used to make these wooden swings are pressure treated with a chrome-free and arsenic-free preservative. Of course, a swing becomes an even better option if it can last longer. With swings from Creative Play, you’re guaranteed many years of fun, thanks to our way of preserving and safeguarding our timbers against decay and insect attack.

Platform Swing: One of the most popular modern swings is the platform swing. This is a design that can allow up to four children at the same time. If there is something many children enjoy doing most, it is having their fun together with friends. By having a platform swing in your outdoor playground, you’ll be adding a unique design that will not just attract kids but also offer lots of fun. Imagine a group of kids as they enjoy swings together; it is an idea guaranteed to offer a lot of fun to children. Being a fine type of swing, you can add one or several to your outdoor playground equipment options. The platform swing is among the best types of swings for a modern playground, even better as it comes with different designs and materials for you to choose from.