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Children enjoy bouncing up and down a Trampoline. However, many parents are concerned about their children’s safety playing on a Trampoline, especially one raised high on stilts.

These are particularly hard for small children to get on, which prevent them from enjoying a Trampoline. Fortunately, there are in-ground Trampolines that allow all who were deterred by the height of Trampolines on stilts, to enjoy the playground equipment. Unlike Trampolines raised on stilts, the in-ground Trampolines are installed over a sunken ground.

This eliminates all the challenges various children experienced trying to get on Trampolines. You can get a quality in-ground Trampoline here at Creative Play.

Gallus In-ground Trampoline - TR108


Kids Tramp In-ground Trampoline Track - TR104


Kids Tramp In-Ground Trampoline - TR101


Why are in-ground (sunken) Trampolines so popular?

The sunken Trampolines are gaining popularity as more and more people know about, and use them.

Some of the reasons why these types of Trampolines are becoming a favourite to many, include;

  • In-ground Trampolines are considered safer since children cannot fall off the ladder, or out of the safety door net 
  • One can easily achieve the recommended fall height with sunken trampolines
  • Parents have peace of mind with a child on an in-ground Trampoline as compared to high on stilts
  • In-ground Trampolines cannot be blown off by wind to your neighbour’s yard
  • Those without nets allow children to incorporate a range of games
  • Mostly, one requires no net which makes these Trampolines less costly to maintain
  • Parents can enjoy Trampolining with children, since most sunken trampolines have no ladders or small net openings onto the Trampoline
  • In-ground trampolines are appealing and enhance how your playground looks

Pros and Cons of In-ground Trampolines



In-ground Trampolines are regarded safer than Trampolines raised on stilts since they:

  • Are not too high
  • Don’t have a metal frame that could injure a child
  • Don’t have a ladder that children can fall off


Many people with sunken Trampolines say they are more appealing to have in a playground or yard. 

These sunken Trampolines;

  • Enhance the look of an area with a subtle change
  • Don’t block the beautiful scenery of your backyard, playground or park
  • Can accommodate decorations like flowers or folding chairs beside


You cannot lose your in-ground Trampoline to strong winds, as is the case with Trampolines raised high on stilts.


Since the structure of a sunken Trampoline is usually hidden from weather elements, they can last longer with little maintenance.



One of the reasons why people don’t have in-ground Trampolines, is because they are costlier than other trampolines.

Please do not be deterred by this. You can get an affordable high-quality in-ground Trampoline kit from Creative Play.


Sunken Trampolines are immobile, which is inconvenient for those who’d want to move to other locations

Other drawbacks of sunken Trampolines are experience, installation, and water drainage.

One can overcome these disadvantages easily to enjoy the benefits of in-ground Trampolines.

With time you can become experienced with playing on a sunken Trampoline. You can have a specialist from Creative Play install the playground equipment for you. Water drainage problems for sunken Trampolines usually occur when it’s raining. It is highly unlikely your children will be playing during rainy days or seasons.

Wide range of in-ground Trampoline playground equipment

One of the most popular playgrounds and park equipment we provide at Creative Play are in-ground Trampolines. We have a wide range of sunken Trampolines available such as;  

Gallus In-ground Trampoline range

This is a commercial in-ground Trampoline which is great for schools and comes with the following features:

  • Vented Jump mat
  • Extra strong safety net enclosure
  • Safety door
  • Retaining wall
  • Commercial-strength springs

Kids Tramp In-ground Trampoline Track

These are great for educational uses in nurseries, schools, and other commercial places like visitor attractions.


  • Rectangular jump mat
  • Strong mat to allow jumping with shoes
  • Allows use with wheelchair

Kids Tramp In-ground Trampoline

Here is another commercial in-ground Trampoline you can use in any playground. The strong Trampoline can be used in visitor attractions, community play spaces and schools.

How do we ensure the quality of our in-ground Trampoline?

We only supply top-quality products at Creative Play. Our in-ground Trampolines are of a commercial-built quality designed for a range of playgrounds.

Why Choose a Creative Play In-ground Trampoline?


Each of our sunken Trampolines conforms to the in the ground Trampoline UK safety standards. Manufacture and installation of these rely on the BS: EN 1176 standards


We have been supplying playground equipment all over the UK for 30 years. In the many years we have helped our clients, we have come to understand the different budgets and other requirements. Our cost for sunken Trampoline structures is one of the most competitive.

Installation and Maintenance services

Installing in-ground Trampolines should never prove difficult. Our specialists at Creative Play are here to help and from time to time provide maintenance services.


Why not view our Swings for more options for your playground.