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Top 10 Most Popular Products: Number 5

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Number 5:

‘Octavia Shelter’

So at number 5 we have the Octavia Shelter. These come in a wide variety of sizes, classroom styles and options making this ideal for any playground with them being so adaptive! The complete shelter is composed of seating, sides and flooring, however we do a half shelter decreasing the shelter in size for smaller playgrounds, shelters with no flooring and with no flooring or sides.

It’s completely up to you, adding a unique feature to your outdoor play area. These shelters are perfect for schools as you can now take the classroom outdoors, there are a lot of additional extras to be added to the Octavia Shelter including musical panels, chalkboards and white boards! Whether it be a music lesson or maths lesson children are guaranteed to get creative and have lots of fun!

As well as being great outdoor classrooms they are great for playtimes as they keep children shaded from the sun, there is space to sit and eat snacks and the additional panels will keep them entertained for hours! Of course they are not just for schools as they can be used as a shelter anywhere, how will you design and use yours?!

As you can see in the pictures, customers have chosen different sizes and styles and one customer even used it as a stage! What a great idea! These shelters are also ideal for a story telling area and promoting group social activities through learning in the lessons or playing at playtime! An overall perfect addition to any outdoor playground!