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The Benefits Of Outdoor Sports & Fitness

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We all know that exercise provides many mental and physical health benefits – Did you know that doing exercise outdoors offers even more?!

Being called Creative Play offers a self explanatory description of what we do… PLAY!

But we also offer a great range of outdoor sports and fitness equipment. A great way to spend you PE and Sports Premium funds  – you can read more below…

5 Benefits of an Outdoor Gym

Outdoor Gym’s have proved increasingly popular in educational settings with rising pupil numbers and a lack of indoor space. With the current COVID-19 situation, the benefits of having an outdoor gym have been further enhanced. Five of them can be found below:

1. Keeping Physically Active

With scientific evidence proving that the risk of spreading coronavirus outdoors is significantly lower than indoors, the popularity and benefits of having an outdoor gym in your school have been enhanced. It provides a safe way for pupils to remain physically active.

1. Keeping Physically Active


2. Physical Development

With a vast range of equipment, different exercise and training methods can be encouraged through an outdoor gym. Continuous training for increased stamina levels, interval training for all round body development and circuit training for specific targeted muscle groups such as upper body or lower body are all achievable using an outdoor gym.

2. Physical Development


3. Improves Emotional Well-being

Exercise is proven to improve mental state, specifically in young people. Emotional and physical wellbeing benefits are quick and easy to see as well as exposing pupils to the ‘fresh air’ and extra Vitamin D!



4. Inclusivity

Specific disability ranges and age ranges available meaning that differentiated learning can be implemented as well as inclusivity for all!

Creative Play's brand new Outdoor Gym Equipment


5. Promotes Healthy Lifestyle

Outdoor gyms are a fantastic way to promote a healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyles are important, especially in a time when increased inactivity in young people is profound in the media.

Offering many cross-curricular links, pupils can be educated on the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle using an outdoor gym whilst actively engaging in becoming more active! PSHE, PE and Science are just some of the subject areas that can be explored through an outdoor gym!

5. Promotes Healthy Lifestyle

5 Benefits of a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA)

Multi-Use Games Area’s, or MUGA’s for short, are a fantastic way to enhance physical activity in your school.

Providing a high quality, state of the art area for children to participate in a variety of different sports, MUGA’s are a great way to enhance your PE curriculum and a brilliant way to provide a sporting legacy in your school.

MUGA’s are becoming an increasingly popular multi-discipline asset to both primary and secondary schools. These resourceful areas possess many benefits and we will explore just some of them below.

1. All Weather Use

A fantastic all-weather outdoor learning resource. MUGA’s are surfaced with all-weather safety surfacing meaning they can be used all year round in all weather conditions. They wont flood like your school field in the rain and children will not bring mud back into school meaning you can save on cleaning costs.

With outdoor learning highly encouraged in the current environment, a MUGA ensures that you always have a place outdoors for children to learn both actively and safely!

1. All Weather Use


2. Increased Curriculum Benefits

MUGA’s allow for a wide range of sports to be incorporated into the curriculum.

Fast growing national sports such as Cricket, Handball and Tag Rugby are all sports that are appropriately undertook on a MUGA as well as traditional favourites such as Football, Netball and Hockey.

With line markings permanent and bespoke to your requirements, there is no need for annual costs for remarking and maintaining. As the surface is artificial, there is also no need for local authority maintenance on the area.


3. Revenue Building

With grass-roots sport at an all time high in the UK, local teams are always looking for community use facilities such as MUGA’s for their teams to train and play. In no time you will see your MUGA fully booked for rentals!

As it is an outdoor facility, there is no need for school access either! Holidays clubs and sports camps are also always looking to hire MUGA’s during the school holidays and as there is no danger of the weather making the facility ‘unusable’ your income is guaranteed! Your MUGA will be sure to pay for itself – and then some!

3. Revenue Building

4. Physical Development

With a state of the art MUGA you will have an enhanced area for your pupils to actively engage in sport and therefore aid their physical development.

With a correctly delivered curriculum and extra-curricular offer you are sure to see improvements in many areas for your pupils, such as:

  • Fundamental skill development
  • Increased levels of cardiovascular fitness
  • Increased muscular performance and endurance
  • Improved co-ordination from a healthier sporting diet
  • Improved social skills from the integration of enhance extra-curricular offers
  • Reduction in behavioural concerns and issues due to increased engagement levels


5. Valuable Commodity

Children love sport and actively engaging in sport has never been at more of a premium than during COVID-19.

By installing a MUGA you will have a fantastic area for pupils to return to and as such a safe, outdoor environment for them to learn and grow.

Sport has been proven by research to have many physical and psychological benefits for young people and this has never been more significant. As well as this it provides an area for your school to host and engage in inter-school competitions, putting your school on the map in the local area as a sporting hub and in turn reaping the benefits both intrinsically and extrinsically that this brings.

5. Valuable Commodity

4 Benefits of Adventure Trails

Adventure Trails are a fantastic way to develop the core skills of young people and enable them to develop and flourish into well rounded physical performers.

A wonderful way to utilise your outdoor space, Adventure Trails allow for fundamental skills to develop in a fun, exciting and safely challenging environment. Adventure trails offer many benefits, some of which can be found below.

1. Core Physical Development

As a large focus of the Adventure Trails are on balance, they are a fantastic way to develop balance and core strength for children of all abilities.

Take our AT10 as an example, with obstacles such as a wobble bridge and a balance beam, balance is a key element for success. As the course is split into 10 different items, it can be tackled as a whole or in different sections allowing for fun, achievable, progressive, differentiated learning.

1. Core Physical Development


2. Whole Body Physical Development

With a range of different challenges products such as the AT16 offer physical development for all muscle groups.

Upper body strength is a key element for success on the course as well as balance, coordination, and dexterity. Lower body strength is also key! Adventure Trails are a fantastic way to support fundamental skill development through curriculum learning, or through guided play at lunch time / after school.


3. Promoting Healthy Competition

As our Adventure Trails are built as courses, there is an opportunity to promote healthy intra-school competition.

Timed trails are a great way of incorporating your Adventure Trail into Sports Days and House competitions alike. It is also a great way to engage those more reluctant to participate in physical activity as many pupils will not see this as a sport but more as a ‘play’ opportunity.

3. Promoting Healthy Competition


4. Peer Interaction

Friendships can be developed, and peer interaction can be encouraged through our adventure trails.

Providing a fix for socially awkward situations on the playground, products such as the AT12 allow for peers to navigate each other through the obstacles and offer help and support to their friends. This provides a great tool for pupils to learn how to provide extrinsic feedback from a young age!

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