The Importance of Physical Education in Early Years

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There is a range of varying benefits from introducing physical education to children in early years. Since the early years of a child’s life are so important to a child’s growth and development, it’s fully recommended that parents, guardians and teachers find ways to ensure proper growth and development to set them up for the rest of life.

One great way of achieving this is through physical education. While playground equipment can help children a great deal, it is also highly beneficial to find the ideal PE equipment for primary schools goes a long way in facilitating physical education. There have been many recommendations advocating for good physical education for children in their early years. If you are wondering what the specific importance of physical education is, here are a few examples to show you how vital PE is to kids, especially when very young.

Development of motor skills

If there is one thing that physical education certainly achieves well, it is in helping children to develop and hone their motor skills. Think of all of the running and climbing that the average child loves to be involved in. Kids can improve their balance and co-ordination with holistic benefits for mobility.

You can pick a range of safe, fun and educational primary sports equipment from Creative Play. We have a broad range of equipment suitable for early years children through teenagers to adults. There are many fundamental motor skills that are developed through physical education, such as learning how to throw, catch, skip and kick.

Development and building of stronger muscles and bones

Having strong muscles and bones is a great benefit to anyone, but especially for young children, since they are often involved in many daring and challenging activities. When engaging in activities such as pulling, pushing, climbing and jumping, physical education has been proven to greatly benefit the growth of strong muscles and bones. Schools and nurseries who select to add proper children’s gym equipment to their playgrounds allow their children to enhance bone health and muscular development at a formative time.

Improved physical and mental health

One of the greatest benefits of physical education is to improve the physical health and mental health at the same time. Children who are involved in regular physical education are much more likely to have better physical health when compared to those who don’t. For those children introduced to physical activity of increasing intensity, their hearts and bones are offered a range of benefits.

There is an increase of cases of cardiovascular health issues among children nowadays, so to curb this, the NHS and WHO recommend at least an hour of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day for children. There is scientific proof that physical activity minimises obesity in children. This can all be achieved through physical education with the right primary sports equipment. Running and cycling style activities are very useful.

Considering mental health, physical education has the potential to greatly boost children’s memories, as well as improving their concentration. Children are always learning, even at those early years, so having physical education is very important to facilitate their learning. Such opportunities can increase the chance of academic benefits. In many cases, these children can solve a range of complex skills thanks to their improved creativity.

Improving personal, emotional and social skills

Children who get physical education from an early age are better placed in many aspects of their lives. The trial and error options offered by physical education using different PE equipment for primary schools allows children to develop a way to deal with various challenges in their lives, helping with confidence, self-esteem and resilience.

Many of the children’s gym equipment on offer from Creative Play are also designed to help in improving social skills. Children playing with seesaws, swing-sets jig-saw play towers and many others have the opportunity to interact and work together to achieve certain play objectives. Such interaction not only improves social skills, but also communication skills, combining fun and education in one package.

Development of their talents

It is no doubt many children develop their talents from a young age. Physical education enables kids to discover and develop some of their talents at an early age. If well taken care of, many of these children will remain active in such exercise interests into later life, giving them a love of sporting activity into adulthood.

It should be noted that quality children’s gym equipment and PE equipment for primary schools is very useful in facilitating physical education. Here at Creative Play UK, we offer a wide selection of primary sports equipment to use in playgrounds. We have more than 25 years in supplying quality items for physical education across the UK.

From our deep understanding of the importance of physical education in early years, we design equipment suitable for all ages and sizes of children. It is clear that physical education in early years is important with the benefits mentioned above. Get in touch with us today by phone 01244 375627, email [email protected] or web form to discuss our range in detail.