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The Benefits of Inclusive Playground Equipment

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The Benefits of Inclusive Playground Equipment

Every child has the right to play and access appropriate playground equipment.

However, children’s needs and requirements can differ greatly. In this article, we shall discuss what playground inclusiveness means for children’s playgrounds and the benefit of inclusive playground equipment to the growth and development of children.

What is inclusive playground equipment?

Inclusive school playground equipment is equipment specially designed to give children of different abilities the opportunity to play, have fun, and interact with each other without any form of restrictions. Facilitating both mental and physical development regardless of any disability or hindrance.

To ensure playground equipment is as accessible and inclusive as possible there can be additional safety features included as well as variations to layout and structure offering a restriction-free playground area. The benefit of this is that no child feels left out and can equally enjoy active play with other students and children in a safe environment.

Self Confidence

This increased level of interaction also helps encourage more positive self-esteem and confidence as play becomes much less restrictive and children can take part in a more tactile way.

Like any playground equipment, the key is to spark a child’s imagination. This spark helps with developing both their creativity and enjoyment of objects and structures on which to play. The mental development and the further development of social interaction skills gained through this process often become invaluable in later life.

Types of Inclusive Playground Equipment

In more recent years we have seen an increase in the design and development of inclusive playground equipment.  As schools and commercial settings want to provide children with popular playground equipment that is ultimately more accessible to all children and not to just the able-bodied, the more modern designs are both varied in the equipment being used as well as further considerations given to the safety and space around the playground equipment.

This means play equipment such as swings, wheelchair-inclusive roundabouts, ramps and more sensory-based equipment and modern surfacing, have become more commonplace.

At Creative play, we believe in ALL children having fun, which is why we continue to develop and progress our equipment so it can be used by as many children as possible. 

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