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Get your Nursery Play Garden Summer Ready

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With the warmer months fast approaching, now is the perfect time to develop your nursery outdoor play space. Whether you want to add a new piece of equipment to refresh the area or re-develop your area entirely, we at Creative Play are always on-hand and ready to help!

With so many products in our product catalogue, (over 500 to be exact!) we can understand this might be a slightly daunting task. However our expert, in-house design team have put together six sensational ideas to get your play garden sizzling this summer!


Our water play range is ideal for sensory play and are a great way to keep little ones cool during the hot summer months. With a variety of water tray and water wall-based products, we have something to suit every area size and budget!

BONUS TIP: Why not get creative? Our durable water trays are not just perfect for water! Why not experiment with chilly ice, soft sand, sticky mud or even colourful bubbles?!

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Here at Creative Play we are well-known for our themed playhouses. Including rustic hobbit-houses and vibrant Teepees, these popular play pieces are great for sparking a child’s imagination as well as offering them a place to stay sheltered from the changeable elements.

BONUS TIP: Don’t stop there! Add tactile pillows, cosy blankets and your favourite toys to our playhouses and create the ultimate den!

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Challenging, but age-appropriate, play towers are a fantastic way for building on a child’s fundamental movements skills while providing an outlet for kinaesthetic learning. Best of all our completely modular Jigsaw Play Tower range lets you select the components you want to include. Tailor-make your play tower to suit your children’s abilities as well as your area size and budget – it’s that simple!

BONUS TIP: Why not get the children involved with the design process? Let them choose their favourite play components and see their own creation come to life!

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Run away with your imagination and pretend you are at the beach with our Sand Play range. Including both timber and vibrant playtec products, children will love building castles and digging for pirate treasure with these classic play pieces!

BONUS TIP: Hide small toys or ‘fossils’ inside our sandboxes and let the children carry out their own excavations!

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The ideal products for combining imaginative and sensory play, our Messy Play Tables are ideal for both individual and group play. Made with hard-wearing materials, get stuck in and create your own unique creations.

BONUS TIP: Write down (or draw) ingredients on the included chalk boards and the get the children to gather them and create their own recipes!

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From Chalk Boards to Painting Stations, Music Panels to weaving structures, our range of Playboards are all about unleashing a child’s inner artist! Whatever your medium of choice, whether that be chalk, poster paints or tissue paper, Children will love creating new masterpieces inspired by the outdoors.

BONUS TIP: Group a variety of different Playboards together to create an awesome outdoor craft zone!

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