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Six of the Most Unusual Playgrounds around the World

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The human imagination knows no bounds. This is a concept that has found its way into playground design. We will all remember the playgrounds of our youth as being pretty much the same – some play equipment like swings and slides on a patch of lawn in a public park. Well these days, people are coming up with ever-more imaginative ideas that make playgrounds more fun for children and adults alike.

Here are some of the craziest and unusual playgrounds that have inspired the imaginations of people everywhere.

Nishi-Rokugo – Tokyo, Japan.


Translated into English, the name literally means “Tyre Park” and it’s plain to see why. Over 3 000 tyres were used to build the massive sculptures and play equipment. Many of the tyres are left scattered around the sand filled park, giving children the chance to express their own imagination by stacking them or coming up with fun games.

The Fruit and Scent Playground – Liljehholmen, Sweden.


A place where children get to play inside, on top of, and all around giant pieces of fruit. The idea behind the park is not only to give children a fun place to play with an original theme, but also to encourage healthy eating habits. The park has swings, slides and a merry-go-round and all sorts of interesting hiding places all formed in the shape of fruit.


Clemyjontri Park, Virginia, USA


While the park may seem like an ordinary, albeit very colourful playground, there’s one striking difference between this and most other playgrounds. The park is designed to allow children with disabilities to play alongside those who don’t. Facilities include wheelchair ramps and non-slip surfaces. The large play area encourages interaction between children of all types of abilities, helping to lessen the stigma associated with disabilities.

Pruessen Park – Berlin Germany


One wouldn’t normally expect to see senior citizens using playground equipment. This park is probably the only one of its kind in the world. The park is specifically designed for adults and people under age of 16 are not permitted. With older people making up the largest part of Germany’s population, Berlin city planners thought it a good idea to provide senior citizens with their own facility – in the hope of encouraging them to spend more time exercising outdoors.

Zabeel Technology Park – Dubai



With technology becoming so much a part of our everyday lives, it doesn’t seem surprising that someone would come up with the idea of a technology-themed park.

The first of its kind in the world – Zabeel Technology Park combines exhibits of innovative technology and alternative energy with playground equipment.

Playground – Boadilla Monte – Spain


This ultra-modern design is the work of Spanish architects Eduardo Navadijos and Csaba Tarsoly. While it looks like a playground from a science fiction film, it’s a real modern day facility where children get to play in a unique open-air environment. It’s not only a statement of architectural creativity, but also that of creative play. A combination of modern design in harmony with nature.