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Swindon Academy

Alton Close, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN2 5HF

Budget: £45,000 - £50,000

Dome Mound Tunnel - CH142

from £4998

Cambridge Basic Shelter (3M X 3M) - CA101

from £2430

Water Play Midi One - WSP103

from £3043

Timber Playhouse Arc - TPH102

from £3471

Teachers Storytelling Chair - CP057

from £695

Octavia Half Shelter 4M - HS111

from £4447

Timber Climbing Wall - CH127A

from £1298

Mud Kitchen Mini - WSP108

from £1793

Carousel Midi - CR102

from £8487

Basic Bench - CP065

from £298

Phonics Playboard (Post Mounted) - PB118A

from £345

Balance Beam - CH108

from £298

Zenith One - Z101

from £4985

Teepee - CP004

from £898

Jungle Climber Mini - JC101

from £4145

Twisted Net - CH132

from £998

Crawling Net - CH139

from £1298

Spiders Net - CH130

from £998

Tyre Crossing - CH116

from £998

Treadmill - CH126

from £986

Chin Up Bars - CH101

from £327

Stepping Logs (4) - CH118

from £398

Mound Tunnel - CH140

from £2998

Weaving Posts (Set of 5) - CP056

from £548

Wetpour Safety Surfacing - SUR101

Price on Enquiry

Artificial Grass Safety Surfacing - SUR104

Price on Enquiry

The Head Teacher approached us with lots of ideas after visiting another school Creative Play had worked with. Swindon Academy were looking to develop their outdoor play areas for EYFS, KS1 and KS2. Across all areas we recommended products which encouraged physical play, allowing children to explore and develop fundamental movement skills. As the focus was also on creating outdoor learning spaces, we suggested products from our Octavia range which opens up the class to the outdoor world. The staff also liked the idea of having surfacing underneath the equipment, using colour to create separate play zones and add to the overall aesthetics of the playground.

Within the Swindon Academy had outlined the desire for products which encouraged physical play to be part of the new playground design. For each area we opted for tower systems which would provide each child with a fun but challenging environment to play. In addition we added in some of our trim trail equipment, providing fun and fitness for all levels of physical ability, perfect as part of a curriculum based lesson or activity. To allow learning to take place outside we opted for an Octavia half shelter which provides seating for up to 21 children. We also added in one of our Story Telling Chairs with mushroom seats, which are perfect for outdoor story time.

We used the Wetpour safety surfacing across all areas to create separate play zones. It was also decided to incorporate a roadway design, featuring a roundabout, traffic lights and zebra crossings to teach the child the importance of road safety whilst having fun.

Planning and preparation were paramount on this project due to the various playground areas at Swindon Academy. The skill of our installers and the quality of the materials used has produced three fantastic play areas for all age groups; targeting both active and imaginative play. It was a pleasure to be involved with such an impressive project and it’s a testament to our installers.