Duffield Meadow Primary School

Park Road, Duffield, Belper, Derbyshire, DE56 4GT

Budget: £15,000 - £20,000

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Treadmill - CH126

from £986

Tyre Crossing - CH116

from £998

Rope Bridge - CH104

from £841

Crawling Net - CH139

from £1298

Galleon - VOY106

from £2987

Teepee - CP004

from £898

Chin Up Bars - CH101

from £327

Stepping Logs (4) - CH118

from £398

Stilts (4) - CH121

from £748

Wetpour Safety Surfacing - SUR101

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Duffield Meadows Primary School provided Creative Play with the to create an exciting trim trail area that all their pupils can enjoy. With pupils aged between 4 and 11, it was essential that the playground development contained a range of items that challenged both younger and older children.

We wanted to include a wide variety of trim trail items at Duffield Meadows Primary School to ensure all the pupils could access age-appropriate, challenging play opportunities. For the older pupils we decided on our Treadmill, Tyre Crossing and Parallel Bars, while for the younger pupils we included our Rope Bridge and Chin-Ups as well as imaginative play items such as our Galleon and Teepee.

To connect all the playground items together, we decided to create a vibrant pathway that the children can follow to complete the trim trail circuit out of contrasting Wetpour Safety Surfacing. We decided on two fleck options at Duffield Meadows, red & blue and black & blue – This also provides a great all-weather surface so the children can access and enjoy the playground all year round.

We were fortunate enough to be invited to the playground grand opening at Duffield Meadows Primary School and it was great to see the children enjoy their new play space.
Our playground equipment and safety surfacing installation teams worked well together to create an amazing playground that all pupils at Duffield Meadows can enjoy.