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Beit Shvidler Primary School

261 Hale Lane, Edgware, Greater London, London, HA8 8NX

Below is a list of playground equipment used within this project

Climbing Wall - CH127

£1,168.00 exc. VAT

(price from)

Dart Activity Centre - AC101

£5,708.00 exc. VAT

(price from)

Moving Beam - CH105

£770.00 exc. VAT

(price from)

A-Frame Double Net - CH128

£1,260.00 exc. VAT

(price from)

BRIEF Beit Shvidler wanted the main feature of their play development to be a 26 x 13m MUGA. They also wanted a separate area to provide challenging, physical play for the children – promoting development of movement skills. We looked at our Activity Centres and the Dart was a perfect fit as it incorporated a variation of challenging equipment.

DESIGN From the we wanted to create a design that looked inviting whilst providing a challenge to the children. Around the Dart Activity Centre we placed Trim Trail
items such as a Climbing Wall, A-Frame Double Net, Moving Beam and modified Chin Up Bars to create an exciting activity circuit. We modified some of the items to suit the schools requirements and replaced the slide on the Dart with a fireman’s pole.

For the MUGA we proposed 2m high steel mesh sports fencing in blue to replicate the school colours and placed Target Goals with basketball nets either side. These were also designed in blue and engraved with the schools name to give them a bespoke and personal feel. We finished off the MUGA with Multi Court thermoplastic markings in white and yellow to give a simple and clean finish that tied in well within the school grounds.

INSTALLATION The project at Beit Shvidler Primary School was fantastic to work on! When we arrived, the site was a blank canvas giving our sales and design teams the opportunity to be creative with the development. They produced an innovative design that was practical and functional, meeting the whilst at the same time being exciting and inviting for the children. The install teams were a credit to us and worked incredibly hard to ensure a smooth installation that caused no disruption to the day to day running of the school. The end result was fantastic. The personalised colours of the MUGA complimented the school build perfectly and the wetpour surfacing around the new equipment gave the feel of a separate activity zone for physical play. The staff and children were extremely happy with the finished project, so much so they want us to develop the Early Years area later in the year! We are very much looking forward to the next phase.