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Here at Creative Play, we‚have made it our mission to create the kinds of playgrounds and sensory play settings that can give children and young people the type of excellent learning and play setting they deserve, whatever their background or ability levels. One of our biggest aims is to provide children and young people with the sort of space that allows them to have a safe and highly enjoyable time. This is certainly the case with our options for playground equipment in Nottingham, ideal for children as they‚are supported in learning a range of new skills through experiencing sensory and outdoor play.

We are able to design and produce all of our playground equipment in-house, also professionally installing our playgrounds around Nottingham. The fact that we do all this ourselves means that we can ensure the highest quality levels throughout our work. All of our playground equipment pieces are designed to offer a range of helpful benefits to children. With our extensive portfolio of different clients, from schools to councils to private facilities, we have vast experience in how to work with different budgets and settings. Additionally, we give free playground consultations in your setting, helping you to plan your new site and make sure that you end up with the best option for you.

We also have a shared interest and passion with many schools and local councils in and around Nottingham, and that is in sensory play’s potential to aid with inclusion. Our quality playground equipment is perfect for aiding the development of young people who have a variety of different special educational needs. Studies suggest that sensory play methods offer particularly effective features for supporting children as they develop abilities such as problem-solving, motor skills and even language acquisition, as they add and retain new descriptive words.

Fully Tailored Solutions

Throughout our work at Creative Play, we try to help each client with receiving a playground area that makes use of some of the best equipment available anywhere. We love that sensory playground areas have now become established as a fundamental setting for providing engaging play alongside effective learning. Whether it’s a climbing frame, sand and water play, or a range of other available options, we will be able to help you to build the best possible playground equipment in Nottingham for your playground, an ideal fit for the children and young people who use it.

To get a clearer sense of exactly what it may look like to take a playground area from initial plan to finished reality in your Nottingham setting, why not make your way through one (or many) of the short case studies documented in our website’s Inspiration section? Each of our clients looking for playground equipment in Nottingham had different aims, budget and equipment needs, but we were able to bring their ideas to life, excitingly for us!

As mentioned before, Creative Play can meet different types of request in terms of budget and other playground needs. Our expert staff can provide detailed insight into which playground items might best suit the children and young people you‚are providing for. We‚ would love to discuss in more detail about how we can help to find the best option for your setting. Please contact us today on 01244 375627 or by email through [email protected] You can even request a callback, or book your own free playground consultation, both via our website

We‚ would love for you to have a more detailed conversation with our expert team about finding the best option for your setting.

Please contact us on 01244 375627 or via email at [email protected] You can request a callback, a quote, or you can even book in your own free playground consultation with one of our team, with all of these options available to you over on our Contact page.

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