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Creative Play helps to make play time better for children of any age. Here at Creative Play, we are all about making the right play areas that not only give children great fun, but also helps them grow and learn. We offer our quality playground equipment across Fulwood, providing a safe and enjoyable play experience for children. We have been doing this for many years, providing satisfying play solutions. With many years of serving our clients with the right playgrounds and play equipment, we create unique solutions that offer the ideal fit for you.

Playing can be made much better and even safer. That is why here at Creative play we have made it our purpose to ensure that every play site we design and install in Fulwood is a quality play area. The sensory play items in our range add a further benefit for playing while enhancing learning and development. As children and young people play, they have fun while learning and developing a number of skills. Moreover, with our range of specialist playground surfacing options, children couldn’t be safer while playing in these areas.

With access to dynamic play areas, children get to acquire skills such as problem solving, language acquisition, fine motor skills and the advancement of descriptive language. A good play area improves the growth of children in many ways, with getting to both play and learn fully possible with the range of dynamic and sensory play items that we design and deliver. This is possible because every playground and item that we design and create receives extensive thought to ensure that it helps in the learning and development of the children who use it. Here at Creative Play, we make playgrounds and equipment that are unique to each client. To do this, we offer free playground consultations to assess the potential space and discuss your ideas, helping us to target user needs and ensure that you get what works for you. We offer our consultancy for free with the aim of delivering a play environment that matches your needs. Our aim is to have dynamic play facilities that are fully inclusive.

With our experience in delivering play equipment and designing playgrounds for schools, council facilities and other individuals, we understand the importance of having everyone play the way that benefits them. That is why we make play areas that are a special fit for their users. We offer customised playground designs, equipment and surfacing. Whether you desire a climbing frame, sand and/or water play, sports structures or any other form of play, our experts can deliver. We have a wide variety of options you can choose from and combine.

Playground equipment options in Fulwood can’t get any better than with Creative Play. If you desire to have a quality play space that is not only about children playing, but also learning, you can get it with us. Children and young people deserve the best out of their play time. All you need to do is contact us by phone on 01244 375627 or email at [email protected] and our friendly and expert team will be able to respond to your enquiries.

We‚ would love to have a more detailed conversation about finding the best option for your setting.

Please contact us on 01244 375627 or via email at [email protected] You can request a callback, or even book in your own free playground consultation, both at our website

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